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protested in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder that the American people would be "stunned" to learn of the court's broad interpretation of the government's power to seize records under Section 215, the business records section of the PATRIOT Act.
The case centred on interpretation of the 1972 Equal Pay Act and the court supported a broad interpretation of the Act.
While the focus has been on the players and the suspension process involved, which due to non-analytical findings through the investigation has meant broad interpretation by the league on suspension lengths, the idea that players could have dodged coming up positive in testing is a question that needs to be asked.
According to James McQuade, of counsel at Orrick, the 10th Circuit's broad interpretation is important because it "could have the effect of continuing to expand the scope of protected activity under SOX, which, in turn, could lead to an increase in SOX claims.
Congressional Briefing: IHPC will be hosting and presenting a congressional briefing for both Senate and House members, aimed toward educating members about the importance of the broad interpretation and implementation of the Nondiscrimination provision.
Given the policy emphasis on better coordination of care for people with chronic conditions, these findings point to the importance of communication and integration of health services and suggest that the concept of the 'treating team' needs a broad interpretation.
However, what specifically constitutes "blasphemy" can be subject to broad interpretation and therein lay many problems.
The National Rifle Association, which supports a broad interpretation of US citizens' constitutional right to bear arms, had been under pressure to respond in the wake of last week's massacre in a Connecticut elementary school.
His timidity on the issue has been attributed to wariness of alienating voters who believe their constitutional right to bear arms is sacred, deserves a broad interpretation and is not to be touched.
On social justice a broad interpretation of civil liberties promotes an activist judiciary and protects minorities, especially in areas like the Rockefeller drug laws, uniform taxation, and equal access.
The trial court's decision is unfortunate and represents an overly broad interpretation of who is covered under the bond's employee dishonesty coverage.
McClanahan finds no evidence that the broad interpretation one encounters today was part of the stated intention of the Constitution's supporters, and it is to them, Thomas Jefferson said, that we are to look for proper interpretation.
Elections Saskatchewan's broad interpretation of one of 53 acceptable pieces of identification will make polling stations more accessible for First Nations voters.