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of a cask or barrel


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and this could have been a time I could have broached.
The two parties broached, in a meeting on the sidelines of the 71st session of the UN General Assembly, many issues on the agenda of the UN Security Council and the General Assembly, particularly Western Sahara and the election of the new Secretary General of the United Nations.
NNA - Interior and Municipalities Minister Nuhad Mashnouq visited on Friday evening Kataeb Party Head, MP Sami Gemayel, at the Kataeb Saifi House, whereby they broached an array of national issues, notably the trash crisis and means of addressing this predicament.
There were no significant differences in perceptions of trustworthiness or expertise, but when viewing the condition in which the disability was broached, participants rated the counselor as significantly more interpersonally attractive.
Summary: Stock markets worldwide fell sharply on Thursday as surprisingly weak data from China and Europe raised worries about slow growth a day after US Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke broached the possibility of reducing stimulus that has buoyed investor confidence.
The Swiss type tool holders are well suited for applications where the size of the form to be broached is less than 0.
Summary: Foreign Minister Mourad Medelci met Saturday in Algiers the president of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, Luis Maria De Puig, with whom he broached bilateral cooperation issues.
Longmuir confirmed the subject had been broached but was at pains to stress the informal nature of the discussion.
At that point, Hart broached the possibility of playing the games back-to-back.
Martin has seen students who have never even broached the subject of financial planning.
3 percent in 2004, but talk of overcapacity in China is being broached.
This isn't the first time that T-Mobile has broached sexual orientation or gender identity.
Steering racks are typically broached or milled in quantities that might reach 15,000 racks per day.
In an article entitled, "Secrecy by Aides and Silence by Doctors Persists, and What Killed Ararat Is Still a Mystery," Elizabeth Rosenthal, a medical doctor, broached the possibility that the PLO leader, who died in a Paris hospital, may have succumbed to AIDS.
Eventually Garry Guzzo, a former judge and a member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) for an Ottawa riding, broached the subject in the Ontario Legislature.