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an animal resembling a starfish with fragile whiplike arms radiating from a small central disc

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We collected specimens of Ophiotylos from Hawaii, vastly extending the known range of a brittle star genus comprising two nominal species: Ophiotylos leucus and O.
These brittle star beds are likely to be an ecologically important community and the discovery adds yet another unique animal community to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
Divide and broadcast: sexual reproduction in the West Indian brittle star Ophiocomella ophiactoides and its relationship to fissiaprity.
Bacteria living on the brittle star give off chemicals to kill other bugs which invade their territory.
Criteria Taxa n Size Complex morphology Black coral 135 X X (Antipathes dendrochristos) Flat sponge 4240 X Barrel sponge 2138 X Vase sponge 1167 X Sea pen 9726 X (Subselliflorae) Basket star (Gorgonocephalus eucnemis) 733 X X White-plumed anemone 57 X (Metridium farcimen) Foliose sponge 1259 X Shelf sponge 139 X Gorgonian 27 X (Gorgonacea) Crinoid 174,231 X (Florometra serratissima) Brittle star (Ophiuridae) 207,667 Fragile sea urchin 18,363 (Allocentrotus fragilis) White sea urchin 45,092 (Lytechinus anamesus) Brachiopod 56,924 (Order Terebratulida) Density (no.
Sponges, cnidarians, and brittle stars all include sex changers, too.
Caption: Glass sponges, which provide habitat for feather and brittle stars in frigid Antarctic waters, flourished following the collapse of the Larsen A ice shelf.
Some echinoderms like brittle stars have lower prospects of survival in carbon dioxide values predicted for the year 2100.
I think it was too much white and brown, and not enough color on the corals and brittle stars.
In the tank, look at the brittle stars and the sea stars--what differences do you see between them?
What you saw was a field of brown corals with exposed skeleton - white, brittle stars tightly wound around the skeleton, not waving their arms like they usually do.
It is colonised by marine life, with a dense carpet of plumose anemones , sea urchins and brittle stars.
They recorded numerous species including lobsters, many types of crab, squat lobsters, northern prawns, little cuttle, sea slugs, urchins, common starfish, brittle stars, colourful anemones and various fish including plaice, bib and the ferocious sounding but harmless long-spined sea-scorpions.
Large, mobile beds of brittle stars (a relative of starfish) occur, along with numerous rare sponges and fish.
Eyeball-like sea anemones spill onto the deck, and multi-legged brittle stars (marine animals that resemble starfish) are everywhere.