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a brush that is made with the short stiff hairs of an animal or plant

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Tape off a stripe or section you want to paint, then use a flat bristle brush to apply gilding on the egg, being sure to move the brush in one direction.
3 WHEN dry, fix stencil to surface with masking tape and apply a contrasting shade, such as Willow Furniture and Cupboard Paint with a round-headed natural bristle brush.
Each kit includes Kleen-Bore's signature sedioned cleaning rod with snap down handle, Formula 3 for all-in-one cleaning, lubrication and protection, 100% cotton patches, a double-ended nylon bristle brush and bore brushes specific to each kit.
makers of Brush-T, the bristle brush plastic golf tee--comes packaged in the same size box as a dozen golf balls and contains two decks of cards, instructions, a golf pencil, and scorecards.
The Digital Camo Pouch cleaning kits feature MOLLE attachment devices and include Kleen-Bore's signature sectioned cleaning rod with snap-down handle, Formula 3, 100-percent cotton patches, a double-ended nylon bristle brush and bore brushes specific to each kit.
Outdoor wicker: Vacuum gently or brush with a soft bristle brush.
The kit includes a four-section cleaning rod with snap-down handle, an accessory adapter, nylon bristle brush, slotted patch holder and cotton cleaning patches, as well as, silicone gun cloth and Formula 3 Gun Conditioner.
I leaned a rickety ladder against the Wall and climbed up, holding a jar of red acrylic in my left hand, a long bristle brush in my right, and got to work.
ALWAYS brush your hair gently to avoid scratching the scalp - use a nylon, rather than a natural, bristle brush.
You had to use a fine-haired bristle brush to clear the powder around a prototype made of this material.
Let your suit breathe for a few hours and use a soft bristle brush to remove any atmospheric particles," he suggests.
Universal Mixer palette - Artists now have greater control over color selection when using any bristle brush.
Brush them with a stiff bristle brush on a dry day instead.
The bristle brush is perfect for creating a super-manicured look.
Here's how: | Use a bristle brush to get rid of any knots and then, using your hands, pull the hair into a pony tail as high or low as you want it - the middle of the head is my favourite for this plaited style.