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Synonyms for brisling

small fatty European fish

small herring processed like a sardine

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The Cracked Pepper variety is sprinkled with black, white, red & green cracked and whole peppercorns and has a deep, smoky tang that pairs perfectly with the delicate flavor of the brisling, while the Jalapeno variety marries a low-smoldering heat of sliced jalapeno peppers with the oak-smoked sardines.
Estonia was brisling with confidence some two years ago when a series of events reminded the country how fragile freedom is.
120 50 [check] [check] Crown Prince Natural One Layer Brisling (2.
Scofish, which supplies Tesco and Waitrose with own-label mackerel fillets and John West with brisling sardines, has also created a new luxury range that will be one of the first to carry the newly launched industry Omega-3 label.
First, it addresses the question of nomenclature that will reappear under Cosimo: brisling at Dante's a nd Trissino's evasions, Machiavelli wants that which is Florentine to be called Florentine.
Arthur/illustrator Chris Raschka introduces his new picture book, ``Arlene Sardine,'' the story of a brisling that realizes her dream of growing up, being caught, sorted, iced, smoked and covered with olive oil, to finally become a sardine, at Pages Books in Tarzana from 10 a.