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As soon as it is taken from the fire the exterior is removed, the core extracted, and the remaining part is placed in a sort of shallow stone mortar, and briskly worked with a pestle of the same substance.
Then Clever Elsie took the pitcher from the wall, went into the cellar, and tapped the lid briskly as she went, so that the time might not appear long.
The more briskly they walked the more briskly walked she.
How is it," she began, as usual in French, settling down briskly and fussily in the easy chair, "how is it Annette never got married?
Along one broad avenue and then another he strode briskly until he had passed beyond the district of the nobles and had come to the place of shops.
Presently he woke up, rose to a sitting position and rubbed his eyes briskly.
I'm real glad to see you,' she said briskly, when I landed in her yard.
Interview and sketch of the house," she responded briskly.
A man who had formed one of the long line of passengers, leaning over the rail, watching the tug since it had come into sight, now turned away and walked briskly to the steps leading to the bridge.
Lady Anselman glanced at the clock and turned briskly towards the corridor.
And what if you are," Miss Rachael replied briskly.
They walked briskly on for an hour or two, for even little Button-Bright was a good walker and did not tire easily.
I grieve to state that the entire troop raced home as hard as they could pelt, and were soon skirmishing briskly over their lunch, utterly oblivious of what Jamie (who had been much impressed by the sermon) called "the captain's beautiful teck.
If things never happened life would be pretty dull," said the Story Girl briskly.
Just then a bell above the throne rang briskly, and the King gave another nervous jump.