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Synonyms for brisk

Synonyms for brisk

Synonyms for brisk

become brisk

quick and energetic

imparting vitality and energy

very active

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In 1993, the balance sheets of commercial banks expanded at the briskest pace since 1986 (table 2).
In the Journal entry where Thoreau draws his most explicit comparisons between skating and walking, he dwells on the advantages of skating: "The briskest walkers appear to be stationary to the skater," he says; "The walker is but a snail in comparison.
Though its overall and same-store sales continued to move ahead at what's among the briskest paces in the chain drug store industry, Arbor Drugs was unable to push its bottom line ahead at a similar rate in the quarter and half ended January 31.
The December 85 strike (AZO XQ) saw the briskest activity, with 2,300 contracts changing hands.
And come wind, rain or the briskest of April temperatures, they display enough acreage of Cuprinol-coloured flesh to cover two laps of the course.
The day will be Halloween themed and has something for all ages and abilities, from the littlest legs to the briskest power-walkers.
The briskest growth was posted by the alongesta issue in the Russian market - Russia-42 that added 2.
Exhibitor Tareq Mohammed Farroz said that all the products on exhibit at the pavilion are brought from Cairo and, the busiest and briskest is Friday when families come to the pavilion.
the briskest and brightest Seuss movie to date, as the voice of a kindly elephant who hears a cry from a speck of dust on a clover.
This has got to be the briskest start to a Boxing Day I've known for years," the spokesman said.
Not the briskest of starters, the March 2003 dog recovered from another slow getaway to catch Ningbo Jack on the run-in and beat him by nearly a length in 28.
Salonen might have savored the music's richness a bit more in the briskest sections, but then the contrast with the work's more meditative passages would have been less pronounced.
Here is a record of the briskest dialogue I have ever shared: Me to a police sergeant at St Andrews on Sunday: what's the traffic going to be like when the Open finishes this evening?
In the banking sector the briskest growth was recorded by the issues of Alfa-Bank.
Trying to squeeze so much power through the front wheels means you need a delicate and precise touch on the clutch and accelerator ped a l if you want to make the briskest getaway.