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a block made from charcoal or coal dust and burned as fuel


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Tenders are invited for sale of aluminium briquettes
50, whereas it produces almost same energy as one kilogram of coal or logs, he said while lighting a briquette in his especially-designed simple but smart stove.
WEIMA briquette presses use pressure (not adhesives) to compress dust or shavings into small, hockey-puck-shaped briquettes.
Briquettes are compressed so they take longer to light properly, but will burn over a longer period of time - ideal for cooking a proper meal with several courses.
Bio Briquette (Blackgold)' is an efficient, cheap and environment friendly fuel which is prepared by burying and burning dry leaves and organic wastes in the earth.
Evac's machine, with a footprint of approximately two square meters, is paired with Evac's mixed waste macerator to form dry briquettes that can be stored for landing or incinerated at sea.
The Eco-Tac fuel briquette was approved by the EPA as a non-hazardous and nonsolid waste fuel," Camara said.
The acquisition of BP Recycling Systems' technology will enable Pallmann to extend its offering to include a full line of equipment for making briquettes and pellets from municipal and industrial solid waste, biomass, plastics, textiles, glass, non-ferrous metals, and wood.
The briquette production plant is located near the village of Obruchishte, Galabovo municipality, where more than 200 houses were swamped by the overflowing Sokolitsa River.
The egg trays are now converting into high-density fuel briquettes without the addition of any additives.
To this point, briquette production technology is environmental countermeasure technology, or clean coal technology, providing a stable supply of briquettes to contribute to the prevention of flood damage and the conservation of forestry resources.
White Energy Company Limited (ASX:WEC) is proceeding to upgrade certain aspects of its binderless coal briquette plant in Indonesia.
A briquette is a block of compressed coal, biomass or charcoal dust that is used as fuel Grainger and Gibson, (1981).