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a block made from charcoal or coal dust and burned as fuel


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Briquet compiled and documented 16,000 watermarks in use in Europe up to the year 1600, giving dates and places for most of them.
Speaking of Music embraces the years addressed in both Briquet and Tyrell/Wise respectively.
Either too much or too little pressure can degrade briquet quality.
As each cavity passes beyond roll centerline, its two halves naturally move apart, allowing the formed briquet to slide out and discharge from the machine.
I began learning what a hallowed past the briquet has had.
The heat is on at the Kingsford charcoal briquet manufacturing plant in Springfield.
A residual of up to 150 days means that municipalities drop one briquet in each mosquito breeding site throughout their communities to help provide protection for the entire season.
La Direction Generale de la Protection civile recommande egalement d'entreposer bien les chalumeaux, tabounas, les allumettes et les briquets et de les garder hors de la portee des enfants, de verifier la conformite du tuyau et du detendeur de gaz utilises pour relier la bouteille de gaz butane et la tabouna, de ne jamais laisser les chalumeaux et tabounas allumes sans surveillance et d'empecher les jeunes enfants de s'approcher du feu.
Kingsford products, including original blue bag, Match Light, Competitions Briquets, and the flavored briquets and chips are a fixture of outdoor cooking worldwide.
He squirted a bunch on the briquets, but couldn't get them to catch fire, so he squirted on some more.
Two years ago, Pierce became the first junior college to enter the EPA sustainability challenge with compressed briquets made of manure and green waste.
Charcoal briquets take 25-30 minutes from lighting until they are ready to cook, but most backyard grillers don't wait that long.
of San Rafael, California, has introduced an environmental barbecue collection: a free-standing grill, utensils and "Barbecube" briquets made from 100 percent California orchard prunings - non-wasteful, non-poluting and ashes can be used as fertilizer.
Secondary coal (metallurgical coke, anthracite and bituminous briquets, and lignite briquets) is not included in this report.