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Synonyms for briny

slightly salty (especially from containing a mixture of seawater and fresh water)


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Grant lovely song and celebrate the holy race of the deathless gods who are for ever, those that were born of Earth and starry Heaven and gloomy Night and them that briny Sea did rear.
Some of our officers likewise saw a herd apparently drinking the briny fluid from a salina near Cape Blanco.
He traps with his woven snare, and the brood of the briny flood.
With one eye on the specters of colonization that linger in so many landscapes, Cahill poses pictures like questions, slices of stories laid out in briny detail for readers to enter into and then take into themselves to find answers.
Should I sojourn on the briny I will take comfort that beneath me lie cables and fathoms, while all around nautical miles.
A SEAL seemed reluctant to get back into the briny at Seaton Carew beach.
The spots, forming a bright area called Cerealia Facula at Occator's center and a complex of secondary spots, collectively called Vinalia Faculae, on its eastern floor, appear to be deposits of carbonate-rich salts--residue from briny flows that gurgled up from a fluid reservoir (perhaps a global ocean) deep in the asteroid's interior.
Remember your first briny oyster on a breezy shore?
DOWN: 1 Drip 2 Rent 3 Meaning 4 Splash 5 Hippo 6 Owls 7 Leak 8 Apart 10 Briny 16 Pea 18 Err 20 Dry 22 All 24 Sultana 25 Chart 26 Line-up 28 Bland 30 Elect 32 Road 33 Tuna 34 Side 35 Pour.
Most desalination plants end up with briny leftover water that they pump deep underground (away from sources of drinking water) or dilute into a nearby water source, such as the ocean.
Advice on the proper care and storage of this popular yet briny ingredient is also present for fish sauce novices.
A new high-resolution technique has revealed that RSLs at four locations on Mars contain salt minerals that precipitate from briny water.
The existence of briny water may explain a phenomenon observed by Mars orbiters called "recurring slope lineae," which are dark streaks on slopes that appear and grow during the planet's warm season.
com)-- The little seaside town of Briny Deep has a secret.
It was hard enough to breath, air spiked with briny sweat-laced stench, our black shirts blacker in our pits, damped cuffs around our wrists.