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the policy of pushing a dangerous situation to the brink of disaster (to the limits of safety)

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The meeting on Monday is far too close to the deadline for another useless display of acrimony and brinkmanship.
Thomas Frear, Lukasz Kulesa and Ian Kearns, the report's authors, said they believed the 40 incidents occurred because Russia is playing a "dangerous game of brinkmanship.
Thus Iran determined it was time to quit practicing brinkmanship and instead strike a tradeoff to secure its right to peaceful nuclear energy, albeit under strict supervision.
Brinkmanship may have been a term coined in earnest by John Foster Dulles, US Secretary of State under President Eisenhower, to describe the Cold War rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union, but Bertrand Russell, the late British philosopher, compared it to the Game of Chicken, in which two drivers rush headlong, at full speed, toward each other on a collision course where one must swerve before he dies in the crash.
Republican leaders, facing a 55-45 disadvantage in the Senate, had decided against another round of fiscal brinkmanship that could harm their standing ahead of November's midterm congressional elections.
Shaheen, who also discussed efforts to strengthen New Hampshire's economy through efforts such as STEM education investments, expanding trade opportunities and supporting initiatives to spur the manufacturing industry, said "smart investments" by Washington "in areas like energy, education and manufacturing will lay the foundation for economic growth and help create Granite State jobs," During her remarks, Shaheen also talked about the importance of ending the brinkmanship and dysfunction in Washington that is creating uncertainty for businesses and affecting economic growth.
Summary: Investors worldwide unimpressed by American brinkmanship
The order was issued 10 minutes before the US government officially ran out of money after a day of angry brinkmanship between the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the Senate, where Democrats have the majority.
This continuous unprovoked firing by Indian forces is a dangerous game of brinkmanship being played by India which could lead to disastrous consequences," the PTI leader said in a statement here.
If this was the usual brinkmanship of Rooney wanting a bigger slice of the pie and a new manager showing the upstart who is boss, then this situation would surely have been resolved amicably by now.
25, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As the political blame game for the March 1 sequester heats up, nearly 100 national Christian leaders released a pastoral letter to President Obama and the leaders of Congress calling for an end to the political brinkmanship that is slowing the nation's economy recovery.
Yet both nations know that ultimately, it can only be brinkmanship.
he Aware of the financial problems at St Andrew's, Fulham and the others plan to play a game of brinkmanship with Blues over Butland (above).
The effective deadline for a new accord to be agreed is 2014 when the existing one expires, providing a potential two-year window for the posturing and brinkmanship to continue.
The president's brinkmanship is quite astonishing, considering it is the future of the country's economy he is playing with.