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His studies and others are bringing to light ways that spiders adjust their webs to maximize meals.
Its own contribution to our knowledge of this ever-crescent subject lies in bringing to light a number of little-known poems that demonstrate the complexities of "green thought" and the interplay between formal and intellectual design in the creation of both poems and gardens.
Considering the excellent results obtained by various companies working in this already promising new mining camp, Metanor has undertaken compilation work to define an exploration program investigating the entire property, with the goal of bringing to light geological and structural elements that could lead to the discovery of gold mineralization.
Lee deserves praise for bringing to light sensitive issues like "jungle fever" and uneducated African-American men.
3 and 4 at Yorbeau's Rouyn property is based on the existence of equivalent structures at the former Kerr Addison mine, thus bringing to light new and very interesting perspectives for the property.
Recent studies are bringing to light the long-term effects of chlorinated water on the body.