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  • adj

Synonyms for up-to-date

informed about


  • informed about
  • up on
  • aware of
  • in touch with
  • familiar with
  • acquainted with
  • knowledgeable about
  • conversant with
  • au fait with
  • up to speed on
  • plugged-in to
  • au courant with

Synonyms for up-to-date

characteristic of recent times or informed of what is current

Synonyms for up-to-date

reflecting the latest information or changes

Related Words

in accord with the most fashionable ideas or style

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An international edition of the Quarterly has continued to bring up-to-date CE to thousands of dental hygiene professionals around the world since its 2005 launch.
The PCA's objective is to bring up-to-date the 1985 framework agreement, under which EU-China relations are still governed today.
Grahame knows the business inside out and I bring up-to-date management techniques and knowledge of running different businesses in different parts of the world.
This volume is part of a series called "Crusader Worlds," intended to bring up-to-date scholarship to a wide reading public.
But Mr Justice Hedley gave Darren Wyatt and his wife Debbie from Portsmouth, permission to bring up-to-date expert evidence to court.
How long ago was it that the infamous SFA 'think tank' was first mooted, a meeting of soccer minds which would radicalise, transform, shake up, clear out, bring up-to-date Scottish football at all levels?
Multimedia technology enables Encarta '95, Microsoft's best-selling multimedia encyclopedia, to bring up-to-date information to users faster than any other reference source available, according to Ann Penner, a Microsoft Encarta editor.