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bring outside the body for surgery, of organs


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Traikov spoke during a meeting with economy experts and advisors, saying from now on those representatives will be appointed for a 3-year term instead of the current 1-year in order to halt the practice to bring outside people into the system, who then leave to work for the corporate business.
Where necessary this means ensuring that the surviving partner or partners will have sufficient funds to purchase the outgoing partner's share, rather than having to rely on borrowing, or being forced to bring outside capital into the business.
It has been my experience that those who bring outside expertise to the news business produce far more interesting and in-depth work.
It has its own combined heat and power plant that uses wood chips, waste paper and fibre fuel to generate electricity, hot water and steam; and is cooled using new techniques which bring outside air into the centre to cool servers.
Principal lecturer in design, Paul Denison, who is also leading the sustainability course, said: "The week of events is a forum to bring outside expertise in and showcase some of the students' work.
Pak was also quoted as saying North Korea's partners cannot bring outside the country any material they would find through the verification process.
And just as they bring outside perspectives to Washington, they also help convey American ideas abroad.
Sommers and Haas also plan a program called Open Studio, designed to bring outside artists into Open Eye.
They also bring outside resources into a school system to expand the capacity of a school district to create innovative schools in underserved areas.
CEOs, when willing, are in a unique position to bring outside reality in.
For instance, women teach more than their male counterparts do, an activity that doesn't typically bring outside funding to a university.
DARA workers fear some chiefs want to bring outside contractors like BAE Systems onto their bases, so keeping work within the RAF.
She feels that everyone on her team should do the same and does not fully understand when they can't help but bring outside pressures into work.
Adjuncts typically were hired to fill in for professors on sabbatical, or to bring outside expertise to a specialized course.
Virtual charter schools spring up in 12 states, melding home schooling with technology to bring outside lesson plans and experts into homes.