bring oneself

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cause to undertake a certain action, usually used in the negative

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Psychological safety - associated with one's perception of how safe it is to bring oneself to a role without fear of damage to self-image, status or career
To bring oneself to this place involves letting go of expectations about how we should be and to accept ourselves for who and what we are.
From the power of confession and forgiveness, to the basic principles such as conscience and the accumulation of experiences that play a critical role in heart health, to the spiritual and physical endeavors one can undertake to bring oneself closer to the goal of balance and wellness, Thinking With The Heart is a profound and moving testimony.
But if one places the proper value on ethical living, then a life devoted to doing the right thing--in whatever profession one chooses--can not only help others, but can bring oneself the kind of success that transcends dollars and cents.
Everyone knows that it has become harder and harder to bring oneself to listen and even more difficult to induce others to do so.