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make understandable and clear

earn as a salary or wage

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You yourself wait until the season for sailing is come, and then haul your swift ship down to the sea and stow a convenient cargo in it, so that you may bring home profit, even as your father and mine, foolish Perses, used to sail on shipboard because he lacked sufficient livelihood.
695-705) Bring home a wife to your house when you are of the right age, while you are not far short of thirty years nor much above; this is the right age for marriage.
800-801) On the fourth of the month bring home your bride, but choose the omens which are best for this business.
Surely, surely I bring home as much at night as any other demoiselle you employ.
The school teacher tried to bring home to the mind of the boy some conception of the difficulties he would have to face as a writer.
JERUSALEM - Enjoying the relative safety of their Southern California supermarkets, bus stops and malls, a group of emergency medical professionals is now trying to bring home a taste of Israel's terror.
SPA and its partner organizations established the Recreational Software Advisory Council (RSAC) with the mission of providing parents and other consumers the information they need make wise decisions about the recreational software they bring home.
With their eyes on re-election, pols know they'll be rewarded by their constituents and their campaign contributors if they bring home the bacon--or rather, the turkey.
The trick is to bring home several different lettuces from which you harvest leaves, making a mixed salad from the different types rather than using up individual heads all at once.
Ireland's team for the 27th Olympic Games is the strongest ever and Sonia is not the only one expected to bring home medals over the next 17 days of competition.
Alaskan Brewing Wins Big at World Beer Cup Alaskan Stout and Smoked Porter Bring Home Honors to Alaskan Brewery
Bring Home the Exotic will afford viewers the opportunity to experience travel and home entertaining in an entirely new way.
The connection that public school offers is compelling: Children bring home to their parents the concerns facing the schools, large and small, from classroom incidents to system-wide issues.