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make understandable and clear

earn as a salary or wage

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Drop by any Red Ribbon store and bring home the lambing of the Pasalubong Packs today.
In a statement, the DPWH said the transport of residents was done in coordination with other government agencies that also helped bring home the evacuees.
The Government of Canada is partnering with Kashechewan First Nation to bring home 454 displaced residents.
When working in the advertising department, the whole newspaper and all of its employees are depending on you to make the sales, so when I heard that piece of advice, it clicked in my head that not only is my family depending on me to bring home the bacon, all of the employees from the Gallup Independent and their families are relying on me to bring home the bacon.
Oysters: Recipes that Bring Home a Taste of the Sea
Specifically, we predicted, based on the above mentioned studies that (1) there are "super predators" among cats which kill the majority of prey, (2) on mainland areas, urban cats bring home more birds than their rural conspecifics and, (3) the prey of inexperienced young cats is more diverse, and young cats bring home fewer birds than older cats.
Referring to the efforts to bring home Malaysian students in Egypt, Najib said he was informed that 35 students would fly out of Egypt by Etihad Airways at 5pm (11pm in Malaysia) yesterday.
It only seemed like yesterday When you brought home a stray kitten and called it Jay Far cry from the kittens you bring home today Like the blonde bombshell from Huyton way And you made me a card "You're my sweet Valentine" Oh if only we could go back in time Be strong my son and face your fears And you'll be ready for the joys, the laughs and the tears.
The Ministry said "it is coordinating with the Jordanian Embassy in Riyadh and the Consulate in Jeddah to bring home the bodies of the victims and the injured to Jordan".
Gammat says to Malema, 'I work just as long and hard as you do but how do you bring home a suitcase full of R10 notes every day?
Work 3 days a week and make bring home $3000 per month.
She said: "Hugh's been an amazing support, but he'd bring home my favourite cakes every day, which didn't help my body insecurities.
Summary: Britain's cats are becoming more creative when it comes to what they bring home as presents for their owners.
The flight would return on March 8 and is expected to bring home 460 Pakistani nationals, the statement said.
The flights brought home 13,000 expatriate workers, who had been stranded in Libya following the uprising, the officials said, adding more than 48 EgyptAir aircraft will be sent bring home more than 14,000 Egyptians, who are still stuck the Libyan cities of Tripoli, Sert, Sabha, as well as Tunisia and Algeria.