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bring back to the point of departure

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But, by my council and that of other indunas, Dingaan, bargained with the Boers that first they should attack a certain chief named Sigomyela, who had stolen some of the king's cattle, and who lived near the Quathlamba Mountains, and bring back those cattle.
Most gladly will I help you if I can, though I have little power to use; then grieve no more, for I will search both earth and sea, to find some friend who can bring back all you have lost.
They would not listen; and drew nearer, saying, while bright sparks showered from their lips, "We will not let you go, for you have promised to be ours if the gems you brought proved worthless; so fling away this cold white cloak, and bathe with us in the fire fountains, and help us bring back to our bosom flames the light we gave you for the child.
Auto Business News-February 1, 2018--Honda plans to bring back Passport model name
Rahul was referring to the promise made by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during 2014 General Elections to bring back the black money stashed in the Swiss banks.
ISLAMABAD -- National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Interior Ministry has stopped proceeding to bring back Finance Minister Ishaq Dar besides putting his name on Exit Control List (ECL) and declaring him absconder following issuance of stay order from a division bench of Islamabad High Court.
Bring Back the Old Songs Bring back the old songs of love and romance When boys would kiss the lady's hand and ask for just one dance The time all loving in the world was happiness and fun And never any rainy days, just times spent in the sun Remember the old accordion man on the corner of the street?
The government has said that within 100 days they will bring back all the money stashed away in foreign banks and people of the country will get money in banks now.
A source said: "Any application to bring back a weapon must have a strong justification.
It follows a web campaign by fans, with almost 6,500 voting for it in a poll to bring back iconic brands.
This should be the first thing on the Government's agenda, to bring back capital punishment, not trivial things like gay marriage.
But, personally, I think we should bring back hanging for the murder of anyone.
BugE-n's GE-lay GE[micro]ktE-rk thinks there are a group of people who believe that Erdoy-an will bring back capital punishment, and he will use this as a ticket to become president after the presidential system change; however, she says she does not think Erdoy-an is serious about bringing back capital punishment.
During the meetings, the Saudi team reaffirmed the Kingdom's interest and readiness to bring back all detained Saudis and treat them in accordance with regulations of the Kingdom including subjecting them to counseling and care programs.