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bring back to the point of departure

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Geared to a wide range of cooks, from novices to experts, the goal of the book is to bring back the idea of home pickling.
But then Greenwald panics and loads the final act with melodrama, as if sudden bursts of alarm and excitement will bring back the viewers lost to her earlier indulgence of relaxing mountain rhythms.
From the Valley to the harbor, from Hollywood to Venice, Angelenos have let us know they want us to bring back community-based policing,'' Riordan said at a news conference in front of the LAPD's Pacific Division headquarters with about two dozen community activists and police officials.
They're champions in the community, who worked hard from Day One to bring back this program, and they persevered,'' said state Sen.
Ohlmeyer says he wants to bring back the element of surprise and danger to the ``MNF'' telecast.
However, the depot is part of a move to position the city to bring back tourists and business to the city.
They come back each year and bring back their families, a lot of faces we recognize and we recognize their names too.
Chicago's ESPN RADIO 1000's Harry & Spike announced they are starting a petition drive to encourage the Chicago Bears to bring back the very popular "Honey Bears" cheerleading squad the organization disbanded in the late 80's.
For Jesse Luna and Carlo Tellez, the festival is a chance to bring back their alter egos - The Cisco Kid and Pancho, silver screen heroes of yesteryear.
Toymax has been extremely successful at reintroducing classic toy brands, and we are thrilled to have them help us to bring back the Popples(TM) and My Pet Monster(TM) licenses," said Michael Brown, vice president of licensing at American Greetings.
ISLAMABAD, October 27, 2010 (Frontier Star) : The Interior Ministry is in contact with UAE government to sign a treaty to bring back Pakistanis languishing in prisons there.
It will bring back the good memories of the two most fantastic adventures I ever had, and it will bring back sad memories of my friends on the two crews that were lost.
He was also told during the briefing that Chinese ship will arrive in Yemen on Wednesday to bring back 200 Pakistanis from Aden.
The government has said that within 100 days they will bring back all the money stashed away in foreign banks and people of the country will get money in banks now.
A source said: "Any application to bring back a weapon must have a strong justification.