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Synonyms for brindled

Synonyms for brindled

having a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy coloring

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Ralph Taylor, Assistant Curator at the National Museum of Natural History, examined faded brindled madtom specimens collected by Jordan and other biologists in the upper Tennessee drainage and discover a new species--the yellowfin madtom (Noturus flavipinnis).
The brindled Staffordshire bull terrier has not yet been traced.
Things did not get off to a particularly swinging start when the key-holder's brindled bitch took one look at my friend's much smaller, more sheep-like dog and flew at him from her shady spot beneath a bench like the proverbial bat out of hell.
Nishimura, "Histochemical localization of copper in various organs of brindled mice after copper therapy," Pathology International, vol.
He was looking at three magnificent hounds leashed by a herald next to the King, one tawny-red, one brindled, one blue.
On the moonlit lawn sat an opossum with brindled fur and a harlequin-shaped face, and it hissed at them, showing its pointy teeth.
stramineus), bluntnose minnow (Pimephales notatus), channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus), and brindled madtom (Noturus miurus).
For example, our Lady of Purity says, "With my robes I cover the speckled hen's eggs and the brindled sea shell; I cover vice and poverty.
It's the most beautiful wildebeest in all of Africa," said Vicki softly, stroking the brindled coat of a bull that had eluded her for several days.
Witnesses of the frenzied assault said the man and his pet were set upon by a large white English bull terrier and a brindled Stafford bull terrier and no attempt was made by the dog owners to prevent the attack.
McEwan depicts World War II France as a wasteland, a world deprived of birdsong (224), in which boys' legs replace leaves (180) and once fertile fields are littered with "fragments of flesh, bone and brindled skin" (201; see Ingersoll 251).
when you scooped up a grey-black scrap of brindled kitten
There, in all its scruffiness, sat a gray brindled dog two steps away.
It nestled in the far corner of his bedroom, flattened against the ceiling, like a strip of fungus, brindled beige and black.
The brindled red and gray dog eating the air above the line of