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Synonyms for brindled

Synonyms for brindled

having a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy coloring

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There, in all its scruffiness, sat a gray brindled dog two steps away.
It nestled in the far corner of his bedroom, flattened against the ceiling, like a strip of fungus, brindled beige and black.
The brindled red and gray dog eating the air above the line of
Funny, absurd, sad, and lyrical, Pelevin's novel interweaves the author's familiar themes of simulacra and metamorphosis, drawing as it does from both Eastern and Western philosophical sources, and calls into existence a whimsical world in which the werefox and the werewolf temporarily abandon their social roles of prostitute and FSB officer and reach sexual ecstasies solely by interlocking their tails, petroleum oil is obtained by means of the ritual worship of a brindled cow's skull, and werefoxes are hunting English aristocrats.
Brindled as a "sweetener" with the legislation that created a $700 billion federal "bailout" of the distressed financial sector, the parity provisions do not actually mandate that plans provide coverage of mental health or substance abuse benefits.
Around and around the sandy track she would run, a blur of brindled brown with four white stockings.
Brindled Hide Rug ($675), throw pillows (price upon request), and round wooden tray ($125) from Lime Stone (see above).
On the other hand, that public attention focused on the tragic death of a specific, beautifully coloured, brown and white brindled bull (see Poland, Hammond-Tooke and Voigt [2003]2004) confirms Derrida's observation that it is only through an acknowledgement of the particularity of "this irreplaceable living being" (2002: 378-379) that compassion may arise.
Two of the puppies were black and white, two were brown and white, and two were white with brindled patches.
Late yesterday morning, the brindled black and brown female pit-bull mix now named Holly made her press debut as she was transferred from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in North Grafton to the care of the Animal Rescue League of Boston, which had been instrumental in the search for the dog while it was on the run in Barre.
So variously, so carelessly Flush embraced the spotted spaniel down the alley, and the brindled dog and the yellow dog--it did not matter which.
Bshary and Grutter put a possible client, the brindled monocle bream Scolopsis bilineatus, in the middle compartment of an aquarium, where it could watch two cleaner fish, Labroides dimidiatus, in the end compartments.
The smaller, mostly black or brindled cattle were raised on the western islands and were known as Kyloes, and the larger red animals of the Scottish mainland.
I was watching the woman that bore me Stretched in the brindled darkness Of the sick-room, rigid with will To die--And the quick leaf tore me Back to this rainy swill Of leaves and lamps and traffic mingled before me.
What a beautiful creature my brindled friend, Faithful and loyal right to the end.