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They have the brimstone and treacle, partly because if they hadn't something or other in the way of medicine they'd be always ailing and giving a world of trouble, and partly because it spoils their appetites and comes cheaper than breakfast and dinner.
Mrs Squeers stood at one of the desks, presiding over an immense basin of brimstone and treacle, of which delicious compound she administered a large instalment to each boy in succession: using for the purpose a common wooden spoon, which might have been originally manufactured for some gigantic top, and which widened every young gentleman's mouth considerably: they being all obliged, under heavy corporal penalties, to take in the whole of the bowl at a gasp.
He was a tall but thin and wiry man, nearly as old as Brimstone, with a very pale face and hands stained a deep blue.
Then, stepping into his extended hand, and condescending to be held out at arm's length, he gave vent to a succession of sounds, not unlike the drawing of some eight or ten dozen of long corks, and again asserted his brimstone birth and parentage with great distinctness.
BRIMSTONES USED AGAINST IS RAF aircraft carried out four missions against the Islamic State (IS) terror group in Syria on Sunday, using hi-tech Brimstone missiles in the country for the first time.
An attack on the Omar oilfield by two Tornados and a Reaper drone, which used used three Brimstones as well as Hellfire missiles to attack a number of mobile cranes brought in by IS to attempt to repair damage inflicted by previous RAF and coalition air strikes.
Every second counts as a PS30million Tornado GR4 - capable of firing the deadly Brimstones - races to help friendly forces or to kill IS fighters as a terrible battle rages 20,000ft below.
WITH the Syria mission under way, the RAF brings extra fire power to the war on Islamic State thugs - crucially Britain's pioneering Brimstone missiles.
Within seconds of release Brimstones are at supersonic speed and can make lightning quick independent decisions as they scream towards a target.
BRIMSTONE missiles could well bring a badly needed element of pinpoint accuracy to the Syrian killing ground.
When fully integrated, the Typhoon will be capable to carry 12 Brimstones on four launcher packs of three missiles each.
5 million) study contract to assess integrating the MBDA Brimstone missile system onto the Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft.
Some of them will look distinctly faded and worn after months in dusty sheds and outhouses, or, in the case of the brimstones hanging in foliage imitating a leaf.
The standard load for the Typhoon, Harrier or Tornado is four triple launchers, but without external fuel these aircraft will be able to carry a total of 18 Brimstones.
The MBDA Brimstone was developed to meet British requirement SR(A)1238, using as its basis the helicopter-borne, laser-homing Boeing AGM-114A Hellfire.