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Synonyms for brimming

full to the point of flowing over

Synonyms for brimming

filled to capacity

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Though each poem is brief, all are brimming with indefatigable human emotion.
It's brimming with useful stuff, including practical advice, auditioning tips, backstage etiquette, ballet history, and a big section on training safely.
Art educator Cherie Lynn hosts Rainy Day Art 2, an art adventurefor parents and kids brimming with colorful, inexpensive, easy-to-make "kid friendly" projects especially for young people ages 5 and up.
This is an area brimming with immigrants, and, for them, graduation day is often more significant than for those of native-born students who are more likely to have expected to get a degree.
The region around Thebes, known as the Valley of the Kings, houses the most magnificent tombs of ancient Egypt, brimming with ancient mummies and artifacts.
An emotionally sweeping testimony, brimming with loss and longing in its gradual journey toward acceptance, Swimming With Maya presents its emotion in clear, raw terms that reach out to touch the heart.
Madonna and the President of Sony International have been lately schooling Fat Mark over at the Kabbalah religious center, so the celebrity divinity tweak on this one is brimming over.
The deployment, in Barragan manner, of brilliantly coloured planes which was seen in the London house reappears here too, as does his appealing attachment to making concrete cylinders into cloakrooms and to brimming pools of water.