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a pomade to make the hair manageable and lustrous

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In his mechanic's benediction, the rays gleam off her father's cropped black curls, brilliantined with Brylcreem" (33).
Our teams need more players called 'Clogger' Ramsbottom and 'Swifty' Penshaw with brilliantined hairstyles.
He, on the other hand, is 'an ageing brilliantined stick insect.
It's tough turf where a mafioso named Alfio doffs his brilliantined black toupee for a carrot-top clown wig and becomes the deformed buffoon Tonio; where Alfios cheating wife, Lola, newly run out of town, is seen trailing the clowns' hot-pink trailer-van, twin suitcases in hand and twin shiners framing her eyes; and where her now six-feet-under lover's army buddy, Silvio, is romancing another cheating wife, the high-strung, bleach-blond, chain-smoking Nedda.
This day I had a nervous quiver at the corner of my mouth, my hair was brilliantined and combed.
Yet still no need for a costly global search to import a Brilliantined smoothie with a mid-Atlantic accent and a primeval hunger to career-hop on the backs of Scousers.
On one side are a group of self-satisfied middle-age men, the very picture of establishment power with crisply pressed suits and brilliantined hair, who clearly represent conservative, pro-American interests, the dominant line in Japanese politics in the 1950s.
Furthermore, although his older beach companion "Jaschiu" (Mann's phonetic spelling of "Jasio," the vocative form of the name "Jas") also existed, and was called Jan Fudakowski, he was in reality Adzio's junior by a few months and therefore neither the "sturdy lad with brilliantined black hair" of the novella nor, afortiori, the muscular hunk, visibly in his late teens or even early twenties, of the film that Luchino Visconti adapted from the book in 1971.
Jeffrey Prest of Wisbech - who I imagine looks a little like Mr Cholmondely-Warner and, in that spirit, would like all football matches to be played in black and white by men with Brilliantined hair - informs us: "The world's great sports did not become so on the back of nonsense like this, but through the efforts of people who had respect for the game.