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a pomade to make the hair manageable and lustrous

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Brilliantine was essential to maintaining the gravity-defying men's hairstyles of the 1950s: the exaggerated ducktail of the Bodgie and Elvis's engorged cowlick.
My hair is wavy and I remember now that I rubbed fingertips of brilliantine through it and combed and brushed it, the part on the left side.
In fact, women used brilliantine to keep them smooth.
I'll be sure to pack the Brilliantine and polish the buttons on my blazer.
For added sleekness Gaynor ran through some Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine, pounds 10.
We blew the front section of the hair forward and put texture in using Brilliantine which breaks up and separates the fringe.
Before matches he tried to flatten his hair as much as he could, covering it in brilliantine and rolling a towel around his head like a turban.
Attracted by her button-through Forties frocks, Rita Hayworth hair- dos and jaunty hats, he dressed to match in Fairisle tops and slicked back his hair with Brilliantine.
ebony coloured shells all fissured wrinkled brilliantine
here we assemble - bare-breasted with torches, in Valkyrie helmets, operatically peaked - here we are bands of us - duo and trio, con brio in satin, black leather and net - here we are sporting our gauzy wings, lipstick - here we go prancing in falsies and drag, in skinny-dip, clown-face - with axes, grins, instruments - singing our heads off, playing fool, flute, guitar - here we are with our saucy boobs, cheeky bums, jock-straps - here we breeze slinky, with palmed hair and ties - here we go clumping in dyke boots and brilliantine - here we go strapless, strutting pink-gowned in fake fur - flamboyantly femme among bobbing balloons - here we go bra-less, curious, outre - here we are, goddess
He had thick black hair shiny with brilliantine, graceful fingers, extremely white teeth.
Emerging from the haze was a strange looking little man with black hair that was plastered down with brilliantine and half covering his forehead.
Finish with a hair gloss like Joico's Brilliantine Spray Gloss($16, drugstore.
In the styling segment the brand offers Brilliantine Shine Glistening Drops, which are infused with fruit micro-oils for long-lasting control on all types of hair.
Finally, Garnier Fructis Style Brilliantine Shine Glistening Drops is infused with fruit micro-oils that seal shine and moisture into the hair for a long-lasting style with brilliant shine, according to the company.