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A gloss shining beyond the purest brightness of Parian marble.
Rance, who was talking with much animation, his eyes, during the conversation, glowing with a singular brightness.
It was that letter, perhaps, which ended with the words: 'The presbytery has lost nothing of its charm, nor the garden its brightness.
I swear to you, that I am innocent, and I know, I feel, that you believe me; but I would rather be taken for the guilty man than see justice go astray on that phrase, "The presbytery has lost nothing of its charm, nor the garden its brightness.
She re-entered the drawing-room still with some excited brightness in her face, but with a sense of proud self-command that defied anything to agitate her.
In all market segments, from large corporations to education, Color Brightness has consistently been an important factor in selecting a projector.
Hitachi Display Products Group (DPG), part of Hitachi Europe Ltd, yesterday introduced two new ultra high brightness (UHB) TFT display modules.
APPLICATION: Mills have an opportunity to use more high-yield pulp in wood-free coated papers by adjusting the coat weight to improve the brightness stability.
The brightness of the moderator was estimated by MCNP modeling [5,6].
They attributed the increase in brightness to an increased abundance of what they call faculae--Latin for "little torches"--small, brilliant structures distributed among the granules.
The preference study[2] included side-by-side comparisons of 3LCD and 1-chip DLP projectors with similar resolution and white brightness specifications.
Those data do not show the small decrease in brightness predicted for that period by the seasonal model.
Avago's ASMT-FG10 surface mount (SMT) LED allows designers of digital cameras to package far greater functionality per square-inch of printed circuit board space while achieving superior performance in terms of brightness and power consumption.
That is exactly what the Color Brightness specification communicates.
Ever increasing imports of European double and triple coated papers also drive improved coverage and brightness