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having a bright color

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The tantrums are brightly-coloured, textured ball shapes with oddly disturbing facial expressions and the effects of the tantrum throwing are depicted in CGI style with Oliver's Mom covered in realistic-looking water, food and toys.
Ankara: Turkish Airlines has reversed a ban on air hostesses wearing brightly-coloured lipstick following accusations it was trying to Islamise the company under government influence.
Her parents requested that mourners wore brightly-coloured clothing in celebration of their daughter's life.
Many have likened the effect to the brightly-coloured world of 1970s children's programme The Magic Roundabout.
In Cardiff, Llanishen Reservoir was declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest following the discovery of the rare, brightly-coloured wax cap fungi on its banks.
Better still, combine it with some of Homebase's brightly-coloured folding armchairs, each of which comes in its own bag priced at just pounds 9.
This book has more than 100 blanket patterns from baby's first comforter (subdued pastels) to brightly-coloured motifs embellished with beads and buttons.
Limetolerant, white-flowered Erica carnea "Springwood White" will make dead soil dazzle on Christmas morning and those with brightly-coloured foliage and flowers can be used to brighten up your doorstep for Santa's arrival.
His brightly-coloured shell would have made him an easy target for predators in the North Sea.
Handsome wooden panelling and brightly-coloured furniture, plaster ceilings and carpets give them a formality that is seductive - and splendid when opened to their full extent.
Summary: Brightly-coloured feathers adorned a "striking" dinosaur that resembled an exotic chicken, scientists have determined.
Brightly-coloured wood stains or paint will transform an old building and a few window boxes and a scented climber or two will make it a home from home.
IF YOU enjoy the brightly-coloured stems of dogwoods (Cornus) then cut back older woody stems now to encourage new brightly coloured growth later in the year.
Then place a black backdrop behind each plant to draw attention to the brightly-coloured flowers.