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Synonyms for brightly-coloured

having a bright color

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Ankara: Turkish Airlines has reversed a ban on air hostesses wearing brightly-coloured lipstick following accusations it was trying to Islamise the company under government influence.
Summary: Grieving friends of a girl that died when her school bus crashed in a blizzard wore brightly-coloured clothes to celebrate her life.
The Countryside Council for Wales has asked for access to the Merthyr Village site to look for the rare, brightly-coloured wax cap fungi.
This book has more than 100 blanket patterns from baby's first comforter (subdued pastels) to brightly-coloured motifs embellished with beads and buttons.
Limetolerant, white-flowered Erica carnea "Springwood White" will make dead soil dazzle on Christmas morning and those with brightly-coloured foliage and flowers can be used to brighten up your doorstep for Santa's arrival.
His brightly-coloured shell would have made him an easy target for predators in the North Sea.
Brightly-coloured wood stains or paint will transform an old building and a few window boxes and a scented climber or two will make it a home from home.
Summary: Brightly-coloured feathers adorned a "striking" dinosaur that resembled an exotic chicken, scientists have determined.
Handsome wooden panelling and brightly-coloured furniture, plaster ceilings and carpets give them a formality that is seductive - and splendid when opened to their full extent.
IF YOU enjoy the brightly-coloured stems of dogwoods (Cornus) then cut back older woody stems now to encourage new brightly coloured growth later in the year.
Then place a black backdrop behind each plant to draw attention to the brightly-coloured flowers.