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of the red of fresh raspberries

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LaRue's grand prize is a classic bright-red El Camino SS with "numbers-matching," 396-cubic-inch engine, automatic transmission, fully restored body and interior and a rare collection of factory options.
When you find it, buy it and plant it in a spot where its green stems can spill down and show off bright-red tubular flowers.
For instance, the bright-red paint used to depict flowers and birds' plumages was a common pigment from that era called cinnabar.
Using the computer-graphics toolbox, Quantel Paintbox, the pair not only "enhance" the models - elongating body parts, heightening the sheen of skin - they also create virtual backdrops that at once mimic and subvert the vision of high-adventure and exotica (artificial lakes, palm trees, and bright-red rockets) identified with '80s-style advertising.
The bright-red El Camino SS, which is in mint condition, will come with a variety of key internal-engine, steering and suspension, driveline, fuel delivery, brake system and other updates courtesy of Federal-Mogul and professionals who attend TEC workshops in St.
Other creative uses for the bright-red berry included the tart toss.
Safety inspections revealed cracks in some of the buses' frames and forced the midsummer withdrawal of the bright-red, 16-passenger sedans which have served as the park's major transportation system since 1935 and have carried hundreds of thousands of passengers over the famous Going-To-The-Sun Road.
Lang emerged from the wings in black trousers and a flowing, bright-red Chinese silk shirt, bowed, plunked himself down on the piano stool and began to play the familiarly ominous opening notes of the concerto's first movement, which are marked moderato, as though they were an entirely unrelated series of tones.
As with all E&C pub-restaurants, guests will be able to make their phone calls from an authentic, bright-red British phone booth.
Fey fine: UCLA center Michael Fey sported a bright-red abrasion under his bloodshot left eye, but other than that the sophomore said he was fine and will play against the Gauchos.
Sales of bright-red poinsettia plants, perennial holiday favorites, are expected to outpace those of yellow and pink varieties by far as consumers create traditional yuletide decorations in the wake of the Sept.
She's apparently not accomplished at undercover work - she goes dressed as a harlot with a bright-red wig (no one'll notice that) - but accomplishes her task.
Many of the band members were the original members, which added to the nostalgia of the evening, but even the new, younger entertainers had the right 'tude, whether it was do-wopping or dancing in place, like the Drifters, who all wore bright-red tuxedos with gobs of gold jewelry and belts with their clip-on suspenders.
Here you can drop in on a hot summer day, slide into a creamy white-vinyl booth at a table topped in snow-white and bright-red linen, enjoy the air-conditioned coolness aided by several smart, white ceiling fans, and order a copita of chilled fino-style dry white manzanilla sherry for $1.
The ultimate goal is to equip all 18,000 of the valley's seniors with the bright-red fanny packs.