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the use of strong light to treat acne or hyperbilirubinemia of the newborn

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Bright, full spectrum lighting confers the benefits of sunlight when sunlight is scarce, and SAD sufferers regularly use bright light therapy to combat depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other symptoms.
The "morning" time at which Ancoli-lsreal's subjects were given bright light therapy may have in actuality been their biological "evening" thereby resulting in a phase delay rather phase advance.
but bright light therapy early in the evening can push back their sleep schedule, also in just a few sessions.
The bright light therapy slowed down the progression of cognitive decline by 5%.
First, there is currently little evidence that bright light therapy is effective for reducing aggression.
The clinical data are still limited, but they indicate similar efficacy to post-awakening bright light therapy, A critical feature of this technology is the presentation of diffuse light across the entire area around the pillows.
The exposure to bright light therapy reverses the process, with the additional benefit of being drug-free.
Full-spectrum lighting continues to grow in importance, and Verilux, a specialist in natural lighting lamps that simulate the full spectrum of natural light, is showing its Sunshine in a Box neodymium incandescent light bulbs, reflector floods, energy-efficient compact fluorescents, Instant Sun full-spectrum fluorescent tubes, HappyLite Sunshine Simulator bright light therapy systems and HappyEyes lamps.
Better than sleeping pills, drugs that usually worsen the condition, bright light therapy has entered the armory of devices that can fight the problems caused by upsetting the body's timing.
In the third study, daily exercise and bright light therapy (BLT) are used for physical, cognitive, and mood stimulation.
Together with Finland's University of Oulu, Valkee continues their pioneering research to further deepen the understanding of how bright light affects the human brain, and to extend bright light therapy from winter blues treatment to other areas of wellbeing and performance.
In Mishima's study, the night time activity of people with vascular dementia and AD were compared after both groups were treated with morning bright light therapy.
Exposure to bright light therapy (15-20 minutes each day) helps the body restore its biological clock.
I like bright light therapy because it's more benign--but it works the opposite.
John's wort causes photosensitivity (a sensitivity to sunlight) and bright light therapy helps depression.