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two-masted sailing vessel square-rigged on the foremast and fore-and-aft rigged on the mainmast

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Then, on 13 August, Cuauhtemoc and other nobles were captured by one of Cortes's brigantines as they fled the city in a canoe.
1518 21 April Cortes reaches Veracruz coats 16 August Cortes begins march inland 2 September Battles with Tlaxcallan begin mid October Cholollan massacre 8 November Cortes enters Tenochtitlan 1520 late April Toxcatl massacre 28 May Cortes defeats Narvaez 30 June/1 July Cortes flees Tenochtitlan 1 August Cortes attacks Tepeyacac 28 December Cortes begins return to Tenochtitlan 1521 January-April Campaigns around the Valley of Mexico 28 April Brigantines launched 22 May Assault of the causeways begins Late July Spaniards enter Tenochtitlan 13 August Cuauhtemoc surrenders
Similarly, why did he wait until 28 April to launch his brigantines and until 22 May to initiate his assault on Tenochtitlan proper?
At the same time, the lake levels were at their absolute lowest of the year, which would have been a major obstacle to naval operations, especially for the Spanish brigantines, which had significantly deeper draughts than Indian dugout canoes.
After all, any delay would only aid Cortes in his attempt to starve out the Aztecs and would allow the lake levels to increase so his brigantines would be effective over more of the lake.
It might seem that Cortes launched his brigantines too early.
The primary case is the launching of the Brigantines.
The brigantines are named in honor of the pioneering husband and wife team who had a lifelong commitment to character building, youth sail training programs.
The Mayor and Councilwoman Hahn will preside at the public dedication and launching of the TopSail Youth Program's 90-foot, 110-ton twin brigantines at ceremonies beginning at 9:30 a.
The Twin Brigantines will be christened by pioneering youth sailing mentor and seven-time circumnavigator, Electa `Exy' Johnson, 93, and her son, Robert, representing his late father Irving Johnson.
Following the dedication ceremonies, which will include daytime fireworks, brigantines will be lifted by crane into the water.
Christening by Exy and Robert Johnson -- Launch -- the 90-foot, 110-ton Twin Brigantines will be lifted by crane into the water -- Daytime Fireworks display -- 11:00 a.
The Twin Brigantines, state-of-the-art 21st century wooden vessels, built in part by hand by master shipwrights and LAMI volunteers in 19th century fashion, are a project of the Los Angeles Maritime Institute (LAMI), the donor-sponsored, volunteer-operated education affiliate of the L.
WHEREAS, the Los Angeles Maritime Museum and the Los Angeles Maritime Institute are building two wooden sailing brigantines at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum in the tradition of the early master shipwrights of San Pedro Bay; and
WHEREAS, the sailing Brigantines shall be named the Exy Johnson and Irving Johnson to honor the two pioneers of youth sail training in the United States; and