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Synonyms for brigand

Synonyms for brigand

an armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band


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Ethel had been earnestly assured that brigands, the true cut-throats of the modern legend, still haunted that ridge and held that pass of the Apennines.
Montano, the King of Thieves, was first heard of in the mountains some ten years ago, when people said brigands were extinct.
Are there, I wonder, any brigands left in the mountains?
The brigands scattered at the signal, not in confusion, but in what was evidently a kind of guerrilla discipline.
Darkness was deepening under the mountain walls, and it was not easy to discern much of the progress of the struggle, save that tall men were pushing their horses' muzzles through a clinging crowd of brigands, who seemed more inclined to harass and hustle the invaders than to kill them.
Almost as he spoke the hedges were broken all along the ridge by a rush of the escaping brigands.
umlaut]s lors, en tant que gardien, Cnemon est lui aussi un brigand ?
Though K Vijay Kumar, head of the joint Special Task Forces ( STF), was widely credited for ending the barbaric reign of Veerappan, in reality, it was another police officer Senthamarai Kannan, who masterminded the downfall of the brigand in 2004.
On his first ever week-long trip aboard Brigand, 45-year-old Southport rod Tony McQuillen not only took his first of the species but actually broke the boat record with a fish of 67lb 3oz, after presenting an 8/0 running ledger rig with half a mackerel in 90ft of water a mile offshore.
I enjoyed driving the Brigand, her feel being more like an aircraft than a boat and am sure John would be happy to demonstrate her and the 330hp Volvo Penta to interested boaters.
The Special Task Force team formed in 1990 to nab the brigand lay in wait for him after receiving secret information of his movements.
Sharla takes Brigand to meet Seabrig on the island and to renew her romantic connection with Corgan.
Unleash your inner brigand with these easy-to-digest stories of real-life lady pirates from Anne Bonny to Lai Choi San.
Ibn Saud, the founder of Saudi Arabia, was a brigand before he was encouraged by the British to take leadership against the Ottoman Empire.
lThere is a double for Jim Old at Newton Abbot as Joint Venture (Bob Champion) makes all against Brigand Prince in the two-mile-five chase, and Sponger (Clive Candy) sees off Mac's Birthday in the novice chase.