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Synonyms for brigand

Synonyms for brigand

an armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band


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I am no more a genuine brigand than I am a genuine courier.
Ethel had been earnestly assured that brigands, the true cut-throats of the modern legend, still haunted that ridge and held that pass of the Apennines.
Montano, the King of Thieves, was first heard of in the mountains some ten years ago, when people said brigands were extinct.
Are there, I wonder, any brigands left in the mountains?
The brigands scattered at the signal, not in confusion, but in what was evidently a kind of guerrilla discipline.
Darkness was deepening under the mountain walls, and it was not easy to discern much of the progress of the struggle, save that tall men were pushing their horses' muzzles through a clinging crowd of brigands, who seemed more inclined to harass and hustle the invaders than to kill them.
Almost as he spoke the hedges were broken all along the ridge by a rush of the escaping brigands.
The scene is the Sierra Nevada, John Tanner, Shaw's hero has ended up in this curious play, amongst a bunch of Spanish brigands where the inevitable exchange of Shavian ideas takes place.
Over three charter day's, Brigand saw 95 cod taken to 5lb 6oz and 93 rays to 6lb.
is was Tom's second winter cod shing charter with Brigand.
Also returning will be post player Kyli Hourigan, one of the team's top rebounders last season, and 6-foot-1 center Briana Brigand, who came off the bench last year and is a front-runner for a starting position.
Trelawny, dashingly handsome, seems to have been good company and he later had adventures in Greece, as an adopted brigand chief, which are the epitome of fevered romance, marrying a gypsy teenage bride and living in an impregnable cave.
But it is along the footpath where images of the brigand Vasquez are conjured.
Thomas Johnson with a | |8lb cod on Brigand Charter