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Synonyms for briefness

the temporal property of being very short

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the attribute of being brief or fleeting

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The briefness of life is emphasized by how "quickly" the river "flows.
His relative silence on the subject -save for a handful of tweets which despite their strict 140-character limit still managed to err on the side of briefness - has been puzzling to me and my clan.
The fact that such glimmers of unity are visible is hopeful and "worth mentioning," but this hope is limited by separation and briefness ("Tale" VI.
International cardiac rehabilitation care guidelines incorporate the expectation that the majority of lifestyle advice should be disseminated after a patient has been discharged, given the briefness of hospital stays post cardiac events (Clinical Resource Efficiency Support Team, 2006; Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network, 2002; New Zealand Guidelines Group, 2002).
BSNABC will follow the principles of pragmaticism, comprehensiveness, briefness, conciseness and accuracy and base on in-depth research, systematical analysis and scientific induction to answer the above questions with detailed data and refined words so as to offer reference and basis for our clients to understand the present situation and the future development trend of the Chinese dairy cattle vaccine market.
The briefness of the relationship and the fact that it is a heterosexual one are the two reasons I consider this story a prelude to the firm establishment of the connections between the lost nation while in exile and homosexual practices, resulting in the invention of a new alternative national space.
8) While this may in fact be the case, the briefness of the section does not leave the reader confident that U.
Although skimpy dresses are run-of-the-mill for women performing the daring and athletic routines at professional sports games, the briefness of the cheerleaders new ensemble could raise some eyebrows.
Therefore, the system adopts DHT11 possesses briefness, costing low, low power consumption, etc.
The demand of the fragmentary," Blanchot asserts, "is exposure to these two kinds of risk: brevity does not satisfy it; in the margins or the background of a supposedly complete discourse, it reiterates this briefness in snatches and, in the mirage of the return, knows not whether it is not giving a new assurance to that which it extracts from certainty" (33-34).