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a case with a handle

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com)-- Legion Concepts, is now raising funds via Indiegogo for a Device Charging Briefcase that can charge smartphones 5 times and tablets 1 time.
The Freedom Briefcase offers discreet protection coupled with a slim, sleek silhouette, hand-milled hardware, and Italian Saffiano Leather.
Pick up Medical Briefcases (lab work) at YCC and drop off at Health Lab and/or NPL as needed and billed accordingly
You can look at it and tell," a State Department official said, noting the large number of items inside the briefcases.
When the Egyptian officials finally looked inside the briefcases they were astonished to see that they were full of Dollars and Euros banknotes -- at least 2 million Euros and 9 million dollars in cash were arranged in neat bundles inside the briefcases.
Real special seasoning arrives in the form of a retro brown briefcase containing
The court heard Mrs Odunlami, smartly dressed and carrying a briefcase, was in front with her daughter then husband behind.
Why they can't buy their own briefcases is beyond belief.
One briefcase was later found in the car park of a Mappleborough Green pub.
The conmen initially show the unsuspecting student a laptop in a case and when the victim agrees to hand over the money, the offender then exchanges an identical laptop briefcase filled with bottled water and no laptop.
If someone approached you with a briefcase or mobile phone you would not feel threatened - and that's the whole point of these weapons.
When the authorities confronted the man, he put the briefcase down and refused to pick it back up.
For the consumer market, Eleksen will present a range of ready-to-integrate solutions and wearable touchpad designs which integrate into apparel and soft-goods accessories like bags, briefcases and backpacks.
Altman Luggage has all the suitcases, briefcases, luggage sets, duffle bags, carry-ons, and handbags you're looking for from top luggage brands including Briggs & Riley, Victorinox Swiss Army Luggage, Rimowa, and Travelpro luggage.
THE Government wasted almost EUR200,000 of taxpayers' cash on briefcases and personal organisers for civil servants, it was revealed yesterday.