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Sharjah A taxi driver was surprised to discover 200,000 Saudi riyals (Dh200,000) had been left in his taxi after a passenger forgot his briefcase with the money and other valuable items.
The director of the former Niavaran Palace complex, Ali-Reza Moghimi, said the truck was opened while the car was being readied for exhibit and the staff found the briefcase.
24, of 69 Pond Court, are each charged with larceny from a building, larceny over $250 and conspiracy in the theft of the briefcase Saturday from a resident at the home, 11 Pontiac Ave.
Whoever stole the briefcase may not have realised what was inside.
The court heard how on April 18 this year, two police officers saw Hopkins walking down the road with a briefcase.
I may never experience those joys now, though, after the sharp corner of his briefcase caught me squarely in the testicles.
Police are warning thieves to take care after stealing a briefcase containing lethal chemicals.
Real special seasoning arrives in the form of a retro brown briefcase containing
IF YOU SEE A TUXEDOED figure handcuffed to a briefcase at the next Emmy Awards, it's no James Bond impersonator--it's a CPA.
A briefcase of money was stolen from a van parked outside a city post office.
Windows' built-in Briefcase feature (see icon at right) is designed to synchronize and update the files on each machine when you connect the two computers with a USB cable or use a removable disk to transport Briefcase from your desktop to your laptop.
A diamond pendant is discovered in his briefcase by the hospital, and the case begins:
BONOA BRIEFCASE full of notes and lyrics that were intended for rock supergroup U2's album October has been returned - 23 YEARS after it was stolen at a US concert.
Bomb experts soon after defused a 5-kilogram time bomb in a briefcase planted just outside the same mosque, located in the center of Sialkot, police said.
This was prompted after having my car broken into and a briefcase stolen.