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a case with a handle

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He then put the briefcase in the rear of his police car as he visited a pub with Alistair Sutherland, the Deputy Commissioner for City of London Police.
Fiona Barton QC, representing West Midlands Police, said he then placed the briefcase in the rear seat of his car as he visited a pub with Alistair Sutherland, the Deputy Commissioner for City of London Police.
Why was this sick individual even allowed to keep two locked briefcases in his cell?
In an unprecedented move, James Ellsworth climbed the ladder, grabbed the briefcase and tossed it to the "Princess of Staten Island," who was lying down in the ring.
to part with even more cash, the company's Double Minister Briefcase -- hailed as 'arguably mankind's crowning briefcase achievement' by one reviewer -- crashes in at $6,765.
9 iPad Pro, the new Briefcase can be used with any 13" laptop or tablet.
The three, aged 25, 26, and 56, were arrested following the theft at the village of Lofou, in Limassol, on August 11, of a briefcase containing e1/4250,000 in jewellery and e1/415,000 in cash.
Mohammad Tahir Ameen, a Pakistani, immediately handed over the briefcase to the Office of Transportation at Sharjah International Airport.
The director of the former Niavaran Palace complex, Ali-Reza Moghimi, said the truck was opened while the car was being readied for exhibit and the staff found the briefcase.
24, of 69 Pond Court, are each charged with larceny from a building, larceny over $250 and conspiracy in the theft of the briefcase Saturday from a resident at the home, 11 Pontiac Ave.
The black briefcase was taken, along with a pink Nokia mobile phone and gold necklace with wide interlocking links.
They had been left in a briefcase because I was using the manuscripts as research for a book and needed to show them to an expert calligrapher.
The bikers grabbed the man's black Samsonite briefcase and sped off.
Roughly a dozen White House staffers travelling with the US delegation each received an alligator-skin briefcase from the Saudi royal family, sources said.
Yahoo's Briefcase online storage service, which soldiered on for almost 10 years with a distinctly Web 1.