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the localized death of living cells (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply)

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5] This patient did not meet this criteria; however, did have a liver biopsy which showed heavy infiltration with lymphoplasmacytic inflammatory cells (image 2), interface hepatitis (image 1), bridging necrosis and fibrosis, which is associated with a 5-year mortality of 45% and an absolute indication for corticoid steroid treatment.
The hepatic lesions with bridging necrosis were also compatible with laboratory findings and clinical course.
Severe destruction of liver cells with bridging necrosis was noted in all cases.
of cases 9 8 12 Focal dropout 22 62 58 Bridging necrosis 0 37 25 Parenchymal inflammation 11 37 8 Steatosis, macrovesicular 0 12 8 Cholestasis 0 25 0 Macronodular cirrhosis (mean nodule diameter >3 mm) 11 62 25 Dilated sinusoids 22 50 50 Sinusoidal fibrosis 44 37 0 Venoportal fibrous adhesions 100 100 100 Large regions of extinction 78 75 58 Primary Biliary All Cirrhosis Cirrhosis No.
The presence of bile duct damage, bile ductular proliferation, cholestasis, centrilobular coagulative necrosis, and bridging necrosis and the nature of the inflammatory cell infiltrate in the portal tracts were also reviewed.