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a card player in a game of bridge

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Young readers starting on this novel need not be bridge players to enjoy it and be involved in it, but it could possibly help if they at least enjoyed playing card games.
He received an honorary doctorate from the University of Limerick in 2005 and was a former international bridge player.
26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) announces Brad Moss as the 2010 Player of the Year, a title earned by that bridge player who achieves the best performance at the ACBL's three annual North American Bridge Championships (NABCs).
DAVID ASTIN: the Hebden Bridge player partnered Andy Cryer to victory in the first of this season's Alliance events, which was at Bradley Park
They should clone Omar Sharif because he's a great actor and a great bridge player,'' she said.
But Bay had better beware Lee Trundle who scored four times in a 7-0 romp on his last visit to Llanellian Road as a Bamber Bridge player.
Mrs Farley was a keen bridge player and a former Gwent county ladies' golf champion.
Mrs Farley was a keen bridge player and also a golfer, once holding the title of Gwent County Ladies' Champion.
Over a thousand strategies are outlined in an encyclopedic volume of thinking techniques, strategy planning, technical descriptions and more, making for a 'must' for any avid bridge player.
Advanced bridge players are well aware that control-showing bids are the route to slam--but surprisingly few coverages review this segment of bridge, making CUEBIDDING AT BRIDGE: A MODERN APPROACH essential for any advanced bridge player or library where bridge is important.
In his retirement he was an avid golfer, accomplished gardener, clever bridge player, wine enthusiast and he enjoyed both domestic and international travel with his wife.
com and the hiring of United States and World Champion Bridge player Shawn Quinn to the position of Site Manager.
If you're a bridge player you know just how many bridge books are on the market today--but THE BRIDGE PLAYER'S BIBLE offers something different: over 300 examples of how to bid, play, and defend on a range of hands.
AS IF life couldn't get any worse for Prince Edward, it's time to out him - as a bridge player.
Tommy was a grand master bridge player and chess player,'' says Rick Purdy, a former UCLA fullback and current associate athletic director.