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one of a pair of bridge players who are on the same side of the game

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Mrs Parker, who played bridge at national tournament level, was described by her bridge partner as having a 'razor sharp' mind and although she was weak, was 'totally lucid'.
Spinster Joan Wathews, 74, was in the passenger seat when Winifred, her bridge partner, collapsed.
Tool developers also receive the benefits of BigLever's Bridge Partner Program and Bridge Validation process.
Add to this crazy mixture: Eli Cash, a stoned novelist (Owen Wilson); Henry Sherman (Danny Glover), Ethel's dapper accountant, bridge partner and suitor; and Raleigh St.
Together with her longtime bridge partner Hilda Walker, who will turn 90 in October, Ruthie (to her friends) can still be found at her favorite bridge clubs every Wednesday and Friday.
The Spectrum Bridge Partner Certification Program provides the following FCC radio certification support services:
Top companies offering legal and regulatory expertise, equipment, application and integration services, as well as consulting, brokerage and other professional services are joining the Spectrum Bridge partner program.
Because, let's face it, George didn't propose to this beautiful woman who was nearly 40 years his junior because he wanted a bridge partner and someone to bring him his cocoa at night.
is Transmeta's leading south bridge partner, offering a range of south bridges and related chips to complement the Efficeon processor.
Moss played most of 2010 with longtime bridge partner Fred Gitleman of Las Vegas NV, founder of the highly successful online bridge club, Bridge Base Online.
Jerome Hill, China Bridge Partner, is also an attorney and serves as Senior Vice President.
I have been working with ArcStream since their founding in October, 2000," said North Bridge partner, Rich D'Amore.
Lance Cottrill, Managing Director of Horsley Bridge Partners stated, "We are excited to partner with TVC Capital through our Growth Buyout fund of funds.
and Harbor Bridge Partners with Kiewit Development Co.
David Hardman, chairman, UKSPA; Andrew Glover, Bridge Partners, and Barbara Allsworth, Oxford Science Park