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an upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands

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During the acceleration tests, the degree of damage to the experimental bridge deck was judged visually by engineers in accordance with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's guidelines for the periodic inspection of bridges, and estimated according to these results, as well as the results of an AI-based analysis.
As shown in Figure 1(b), the longitudinal constraints are applied to restrict the bridge deck from moving in the longitudinal direction at bridge towers number 2 and number 5, respectively.
Elevated sections and bridge decks in particular are prone to problems of delamination and corrosion of steel reinforcement bars.
Once you see it you can finally understand just how much work took place to install the bridge deck and what a massive piece of engineering the entire scheme was.
Researchers fabricated and tested bridge deck components simulating both longitudinal and transverse connections, and then subjected them to repeated traffic loadings.
The new bridge deck required the construction of 21 metre deep piled foundations and special engineering trains and equipment were used to install the new track, sleepers and ballast.
New technologies in construction and rehabilitation of Portland cement concrete pavement and bridge deck pavement; proceedings.
The 17-month project to reinforce eight bridge deck supports, repair columns and supporting crossbeams at junction six of the M6, has been described as "essential" to maintain Birmingham's iconic motorway interchange.
A simple and robust acoustic impact method was developed to identify damage in concrete bridge deck slabs by measuring the relative signal attenuation between two acoustic sensors [1].
State DOT engineers in recent years have started to look at the advantages of thin polymer wearing surfaces for bridge deck construction, rehabilitation, and preservation.
The assignment is primarily for the replacement of bridge deck on approximately 1,200 meters of the Randalls Island and Wards Island Approach Viaduct.
Standing almost 150 meters tall, it has an inclined pylon counterbalancing the weight of the bridge deck and its traffic.
A prefabricated galvanized steel box truss forms the bridge deck and another steel roof truss forms the roof.
Richard Walker, general manager of Mowlem Major Project, said: "The bridge deck is currently sitting on a series of 'skates' and through a powerful pulley system, it will be winched across the railway line at a rate of about 30ft an hour.