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Synonyms for bridesmaid

an unmarried woman who attends the bride at a wedding

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And after that, the bridesmaids begin to come by rail- road from various parts of the country, and to come like adorable recruits enlisted by a sergeant not present; for, on arriving at the Veneering depot, they are in a barrack of strangers.
All the girls were in tears and white muslin, except a select two or three, who were being honoured with a private view of the bride and bridesmaids, upstairs.
Bridesmaids were Jennifer Taylor (cousin), Lauren Amos (daughter), Kayleigh Amos, Natalie Tea and Laura Roberts (all nieces).
Janine has never been a bridesmaid herself so is looking forward to the chance to dress up as one for the day.
Tell her you are really flattered and would love to be involved but you would feel uncomfortable as a bridesmaid.
CAN anyone help me to reunite two ladies who were bridesmaids to each other?
The idea of choosing a bridesmaid may seem like one of the least stressful elements of organising a wedding.
We wanted to bring a chic sensibility to bridesmaid dresses - a look that is pretty yet sophisticated," said Cynthia Rowley.
Keep this in mind as you select a bridesmaid dress.
Donna |Henderson and Simon Clark, both 33, from Redcar, celebrate their wedding at St Peter's Church, Redcar (left) while bridesmaids
Danielle took to Instagram to share a picture of herself with two other bridesmaids and said: "Bridesmaid duties".
The X Factor star, 25, who got engaged to boyfriend Dan Neal last month, is lining up Katie Price and Apprentice 2013 runner-up Luisa Zissman to be bridesmaids.
SAVE: PS325 THE BRIDESMAID'S DRESS Ella bridesmaid dress, www.
With the bridesmaid dress design, it creates a great 'thank you' gift to the bridesmaids.