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Synonyms for bridesmaid

an unmarried woman who attends the bride at a wedding

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The ring was on her hand, the Bishop's benediction had been given, the bridesmaids were a-poise to resume their place in the procession, and the organ was showing preliminary symptoms of breaking out into the Mendelssohn March, without which no newly-wedded couple had ever emerged upon New York.
Every detail of the day had been so carefully thought out that the young couple, after the wedding-breakfast, had ample time to put on their travelling-clothes, descend the wide Mingott stairs between laughing bridesmaids and weeping parents, and get into the brougham under the traditional shower of rice and satin slippers; and there was still half an hour left in which to drive to the station, buy the last weeklies at the bookstall with the air of seasoned travellers, and settle themselves in the reserved compartment in which May's maid had already placed her dove-coloured travelling cloak and glaringly new dressing-bag from London.
May was enchanted at the idea of going to the country, and childishly amused at the vain efforts of the eight bridesmaids to discover where their mysterious retreat was situated.
The bride, with the four bridesmaids, forming a group previously arranged and rehearsed; the collector, followed by his second, imitating his walk and gestures to the indescribable amusement of some theatrical friends in the gallery; Mr Crummles, with an infirm and feeble gait; Mrs Crummles advancing with that stage walk, which consists of a stride and a stop alternately--it was the completest thing ever witnessed.
The quarrel appearing to terminate with this reply, Mrs Lillyvick considered that the fittest occasion (the attention of the company being no longer distracted) to burst into tears, and require the assistance of all four bridesmaids, which was immediately rendered, though not without some confusion, for the room being small and the table-cloth long, a whole detachment of plates were swept off the board at the very first move.
There were a great number of speeches made; some by Nicholas, and some by Crummles, and some by the collector; two by the Master Crummleses in returning thanks for themselves, and one by the phenomenon on behalf of the bridesmaids, at which Mrs Crummles shed tears.
They would have a wonderful wedding--dozens of clergymen, scores of organs playing 'The Voice that Breathed o'er Eden,' platoons of bridesmaids, wagonloads of cake.
STUNNING Susie Higgins has been banned from being bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding - because she is too pretty.
It costs about twice as much to participate in a wedding as a groomsman ($1,009) or bridesmaid ($963) than it is to attend one as a male ($416) or female ($393) guest.
Meghan Markle will soon name her bridesmaids, and if Kate Middleton won't be one of them, who will the "Suits" actress pick?
In the event that you are having an exquisite and refined wedding, it is best for the Cmdresses to settle on night outfit sort of garments, while shoreline weddings are less formal and supplement a looser fit and style, for example, bind bridesmaid dresses.
There are friendship issues along the way but Tilly's determination to be the best bridesmaid, make for a delightful tale of happy ever afters for the wedding couples.
Sorella Vita was awarded Best Bridesmaid Collection.
When Matty has to be a bridesmaid at her aunt's wedding, Tilly falls in love with her silky dress and dreams of being a bridesmaid at her mum and dad's wedding - but they never married and her mum has left her and her dad.