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Synonyms for bride-to-be

a woman who is engaged to be married


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The court heard how the heartbroken bride-to-be was comforted by other friends who wanted to raise money as a special tribute.
Worried bride-to-be Deborah Brown contacted the Chronicle after the shop closed, concerned about the flowers she had ordered for her wedding and the pounds 50 deposit she had paid.
For the magazines that cater to the bride-to-be, 2003 was a year of sorting things out.
Jacqueline McMahon, along with her bride-to-be daughter and bridesmaid, battered a male stripper for his having cut his appearance short and for his not having paid enough attention to the bride-to-be.
But his bride-to-be said she would not be taking the title of Lady McCartney.
Ronaldo did not indicate the preference of his 20-year-old bride-to-be, Milene Domingues, who is five months pregnant.
Formularies from diverse periods all contain phrases in which the bride-to-be intervenes, as she does most clearly in the twelfth century Sefer ha-'itur, in fact twice, to say that she is acting "of my own free will.
I think she is lucky to have me" - Bernie Ecclestone (pictured), 82, of Formula One fame, on his bride-to-be Fabiana Flosl, 36.
I think she is lucky to have me" - Bernie Ecclestone, 82, on his bride-to-be Fabiana Flosl, 36.
Bride-to-be Claire McBroom, bridesmaid Jennifer Lang and groom Martin Maliska will all have their own starring roles in the next 12 months.
BRIDE-to-be Kate Middleton confessed her wedding nerves to a well-wisher yesterday as she and William made their final public appearance before tying the knot.
PRINCE William paid a touching tribute to his bride-to-be Kate Middleton as the couple held their last joint engagement before their wedding day.
I am having such an easy time planning my wedding because of the software," says bride-to-be Lindsay, of Savannah, GA.
BRIDE-TO-BE Caroline Foster got on to me in a panic last week after she found the shop where she bought her wedding dress all locked up.
EVERY bride-to-be longs to be a princess for a day but it is former florist Marie Sheridan who makes those dream come true.