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money or property given (in some societies) by the bridegroom to the family of his bride

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Mazrui (1998) further contends that since bride wealth often gives the husband more power after the payment is made, the practice is stripped of all pretences of benevolence.
25) The remaining forms of marriage were GANDHARVA, a secret and voluntary union of the girl and boy; ASURA, which included the acceptance of bride wealth (sulka), but was still the free bestowal of the bride to the groom's family; RAKSASA , marriage by abduction, and PAISACA, when a man seduces a girl who is sleeping, intoxicated, or disordered in intellect.
In South Africa, where an eleven-judge panel has legalized same-sex marriage, the question on everyone's lips was, who will pay the "lobola," an obligatory transfer of bride wealth, when there's no bride?
The NUP had a name for its bride wealth, Sadiq al-Mahdi's "national agenda;" a list of demands under the theme of "the transformation of the party-state into a nation-state.
Bride wealth payments are made by the 'side' of the husband to the 'side' of the bride.