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a place where bricks are made and sold


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It was a good lesson, however, for he learned that there were few faiths in the business world, and that even the simple, homely faith of breaking bread and eating salt counted for little in the face of a worthless brickyard and fifty thousand dollars in cash.
You see, it was like this: you know that fancy brickyard they're gettin' ready to start for makin' extra special fire brick for inside walls?
Well, as I was sayin', I gave 'm the glad hand, an' trailed along with 'em to the brickyard, an' from the talk I could see things was doin'.
I like the beauty of it and I like the history of it,'' said Clement, who estimated he drives about 15,000 miles a year looking for bricks along river banks, in old brickyards, at building demolition sites and anywhere else that comes to mind.
On his brick-collecting excursions back in the 1970s, he would take a pickup truck with a trailer to an old town in Ohio and look for the oldest person he could find, asking for advice about locating brickyards abandoned in the 1930s.
The nostalgia flowed with people reminiscing about the old days, the good old characters, the old brickyards and the pits, the railway lines and branches, all in a convivial atmosphere.
His diction is direct and clear and his poems are filled with concrete details that ring true and familiar, "green clabber I scumming puddles alongside the train, / then brickyards banked on body shops, / homeless trackside nappers under trees,/ ditchwater where shopping carts come to drink.
The Nuneaton Society, the town's heritage group, are to present a slide show featuring views of old pits, brickyards, streets and people.