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a place where bricks are made and sold


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Each winner took home a trophy, and a Brickyard t-shirt.
The former double F1 world champion (below) is missing this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix to compete in the 500-mile race at the Brickyard.
Scott Dixon will be on pole after the two-day qualifying showdown at the Brickyard and the Kiwi is 8-1 second favourite.
The contract was divided into two tasks: Task 1 Supply and installation of public toilets to Brickyard Park Street.
West Midlands Fire Service said the car hit a wall before overturning in Brickyard Road at about 2.
Most famous are the exposures at the former Don Valley Brickyard where fossils of trees (wood, leaves) and molluscs (snails, clams) were made internationally famous by the work of A.
With wins in Kansas and Indianapolis, Brilliant Flames and driver Jeff Gordon are on a hot streak after taking the checkered flag at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the Brickyard 400.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Kevin Harvick once again dominated a NASCAR qualifying session, setting a new Indianapolis Motor Speedway track record to win the pole for the Brickyard 400.
8MWp solar power plant, the Brickyard Power Plant, in the UK, for up to GBP3.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 14, 2014-NextEnergy to acquire Brickyard Power Plant
Ed Trewhitt set-up The Brickyard Bakery in Brotton, East Cleveland, earlier this year.
Ed Trewhitt, who owns microbakery The Brickyard Bakery in Brotton, East Cleveland, is new on the farmers' market scene - having only set up the business this year.
In a by gone decade In old Nuneaton of yesterday The status quo was kept By the elite And at each day break Heavy booted feet of miners Faces tinged blue passed by Along with men whose wheezing Gave witness To lung deflating brickyard dust Hard working Nuneaton men Toiling with pick axe spade and spanner To keep the Lord in his manor But there was one consolation Their efforts laid Food and respect on the table Nuneaton of yesterday meets today Retaining the status quo A working force without jobs can only know It is no longer able to lay Either food or respect on the table.
NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Denny Hamlin won the pole for the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis Sunday -- the second time he's won qualifying this year and the 11th time in his career as he looks to mirror that result when the green flag is waved tomorrow.
I WAS smiling as I read Val Berriman's letter about the tramp who lived in Thorne's Brickyard (You Say, May 8).