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Synonyms for brick

kind person


brick something up

Words related to brick

rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln

a good fellow

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The alternatives would be to add an addendum to an existing bricks-and-mortar franchise agreement or incorporating the truck-specific terms directly into the traditional franchise agreement.
Again, this question is only relevant when the franchisor offers both bricks-and-mortar and truck franchises.
Not all bricks-and-mortar companies are laggards, however.
Charles Schwab has aligned itself around customer needs because it treats the Internet, phone, and bricks-and-mortar entity as multiple touch points with the customer.
Wireless is going to enable the bricks-and-mortar side of the business in ways that we are only beginning to imagine.
To capture the current trends in e-philanthropy, the report surveys the online initiatives of three sectors: dot-coms, nonprofits and bricks-and-mortar companies.
Since Pegasus Research and Barron's magazine released their Burn Rate study in March 2000, online retailing stocks have been sinking like stones because of concerns over mounting losses, low margins and increased competition from bricks-and-mortar giants.
com throughout its bricks-and-mortar retail network, promoting its online offering via in-store advertising.
com's business model and its new B2B e-commerce origination strategy, designed to integrate advanced Internet lending technology with traditional bricks-and-mortar lending services.
In the second quarter of 2000, Pandesic carved out a significant share of the bricks-and-mortar commerce market, forged a $1 billion alliance to scale its ability to implement and deploy the Pandesic commerce platform and released the 10th version of its platform.
Nonetheless, Heasley was optimistic about integrating e-commerce with bricks-and-mortar.
According to Frasca, the key to IVW's success is its dotBAM approach - the art of identifying bricks-and-mortar companies that have the potential to become dotcom powerhouses.
Available separately or as an integrated solution, these components offer small and mid-sized businesses a variety of big-business e-capabilities, including high-speed Internet access, a single mailbox for e-mail and voice mail, and Web site development software and services that can quickly transform bricks-and-mortar companies into clicks-and-mortar competitors.
Through the new NJO wireless portal, bricks-and-mortar merchants can now easily create and track real-time, highly-targeted promotional messages and coupons directed at wireless users in their vicinity.
dotBam" companies are traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses seeking to leverage Web technologies in order to enhance and transform their business operations into Internet-centric businesses.