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a fragment of brick used as a weapon

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blunt criticism

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com said that she was thrilled to be part of the three-film deal with BrickBat Films and was looking forward to shooting with the talented and enterprising director Suneet Vohra.
However, in an effort to redress the balance I have decided to have a bouquets and brickbats section each week with the emphasis on the bouquets.
Long before Trump reached the White House, Morgan was fiercely defending the Donald from critics and brickbats.
Summary: Jacob Thomas earns bouquets and brickbats on social media
When a government functions bouquets and brickbats do come, but when the bouquets come, there should not be a feeling that it's because of them (CPI), and similarly when brickbats come they should not absolve themselves of responsibility.
Speaking to ANI, Congress leader Meem Afzal hailed Prime Minister Modi's assertion that neither bullets nor brickbats will solve the Kashmir issue.
NEW DELHI -- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said neither bullets nor brickbats will solve the Kashmir issue, only love will, "Security is our top priority," he told thousands packed into the landmark Red Fort in New Delhi on Tuesday as India marked the 70th anniversary of the end of British colonial rule.
Of course, I already knew the letters pages of the Mail are widely read for I have, over the years, been the recipient of both brickbats and plaudits - but this was special.
Their verbal brawl then turned into a bloody fight as they started pelting stones and brickbats on one another.
CRAIG Oliver, David Cameron's communications chief, has been happy to let the Aussie election "guru" Lynton Crosby take the brickbats for the listless Conservative campaign.
Froome had to deal with brick-brickbats and continual Froome had to deal with brickbats and continual questions over his -ances in winning the 100th questions over his performances in winning the 100th Tour last summer and his arrival in Yorkshire coincided with the news that his friend and former team-mate Daryl Impey had tested positive for Probecenid after February's South African Championships.
Your correspondent Mr Trefor Davies is at it again, throwing brickbats and verbal crackers at would-be frackers, whilst extolling the imminent destruction of Wales' greatest asset: its landscape (letter August 16).
MANILA -- She has been the target of Internet memes, satirical articles, and scathing commentary for her lack of political experience and refusal to debate during the campaign, and Nancy Binay believes the brickbats won't stop even after she takes her place in the Senate.
The daily sacrifices of such parents deserve nothing short of admiration - not the brickbats of officialdom.
AS the ongoing house building mania gathers pace, it is understandable that people are lobbing brickbats and venting their spleens at councils, but they are the wrong targets.