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shaped like a brick

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It's taken some time because the road builders have to break each free of concrete poured around them, stack each brick-shaped stone on a pallet, swaddle each pallet with shrink wrap and haul them to storage.
uk This is just one from a newlyavailable range of five LEGObased lights - others include a keyring, hanging lantern and a brick-shaped wall light.
A brick-shaped, foil-wrapped package was discovered in the Vauxhall Astra of drugs courier and former Green Howard Andrew Vassallo.
It''s so very different from anything that''s gone before it, despite the growing number of brick-shaped models which now make it cool for vehicles to be square.
From a simple design perspective, the phone lives up to the hype: it's a compact device that has smaller dimensions than many popular smart phones and its curved casing gives it a stylishness that the more brick-shaped smartphones lack.
Jenny invested in gorgeous materials that would be on show such as the brick-shaped wall tiles and the luxury stainless steel sink and chrome tap.
The brickline version is a distinctive brick-shaped format offering a high level of protection for fragile products.
Slice, fizz, crunch and away we go with Herve, Belgium's favourite cheese, a small brick-shaped beauty dating back to the 7th Century when the first monasteries were established.
Within the borders of Petrified National Park are the petroglyphs of Newspaper Rock, viewable from rim overlooks; the low masonry wall remains of Puerco Pueblo, where as many as 18 families lived at its peak; and Agate House, where the inhabitants, at about the time William the Conqueror was making his way into England, used the most logical building material at hand to construct an eight-room pueblo: brick-shaped chunks of petrified wood.
Brick-shaped mobile phones in belt holsters also do nothing for women.
The 12-ounce handset is sleeker and lighter than the 16-ounce brick-shaped device that the company inherited from the former Iridium, which went out of business, because it could not sign up enough customers to buy a bulky $3,000 handset and pay $3 per minute of air time.
On the floor you could use brick-shaped reclaimed terracotta tiles, laid in a herringbone pattern.
What struck me first was the hair-trigger acceleration which makes the heavy, brick-shaped Trooper as fast as an ordinary car.
For one thing, faSolid uses brick-shaped hexahedral elements.
Parenchyma is tissue composed of cells that are typically brick-shaped or isodiametric.