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a bright reddish-brown color

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There's a brick-red capsule with a channel on one side leading into a lime-green fantasy land that we named the "Mexican Hat bowl" due to its whimsically tall volcano, simulating the peak of a sombrero.
The actual Thermospot indicator is a brick-red spot in the center of the pan that, when cool, appear as several small circles and three Ts in orange.
Most of their impact is due to Dunham's quirky handling of color: Demon Tower, 1997, one of the most riveting canvases in the show, deploys a deep canary yellow and Silly Putty pink as its main hues, then stirs in cantaloupe and brick-red figures to create a dash of tones as violent as the action depicted.
Again, materials that reflect a higher-than-usual proportion of far-red light onto the seedlings--such as brick-red soil or straw residues--spurred the plants' above-ground growth more than black soil, black mulch, or white plastic did.
The vines are planted in thin, brick-red soils and decomposed granite on higher slopes that are very dry and very hot during the day, but cooled at night by maritime breezes.
Dad wears Reindeer-print jumper, pounds 38, River Island; brick-red chinos, pounds 15, Peacocks; boots, pounds 59.
Go for a quirky Agyness Deyn look and wear these brick-red Burwoods with cut-off shorts.
The Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) start out in the spring with cherry-red foliage that retains a deep red hue throughout the summer, and end the growing season with brick-red color.
Distinguishable by their brick-red and green-brown colours, the birds are rarely seen in Merseyside or Cheshire, and have attracted huge interest.
He means slashing open 20,600 brick-red penny rolls.
The phenomenon appears six feet up on a brick-red coloured wall every time the concealed lighting changes from magenta to a warm red glow.