brick trowel

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a trowel used in masonry

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To fill this in, you will need to get a small amount of mortar on your brick trowel and smooth this down into a 1cm layer with your pointing trowel.
High-quality pointing and margin trowels are forged in one piece and made about the same as a brick trowel.
Tenders are invited for Brick trowel, philadelphia-pattern, 1-piece/highest-grade/tempered/forged steel-blade,hand-smithed/taper-ground/polished blade, aisi 1095 high-carbon tool-steel blade, with 50 to 55 rockwell c-scale hardness, straight-post, replaceable/perfectly-balanced/ leather-covered/6" hardwood-handle, polished steel-ferrule, 5-1/2" x 11" blade "goldblatt tool" #01652 "marshalltown" #19l-11 "kraft" no.
You'll need a brick trowel ($10) and a tuck pointer ($11).
Filling the cleaned-out joints requires masonry tools: brick trowel (Photo 5), 3/8-in.