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capable of being corrupted

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Promising judicial leniency, he forces them to help him entrap the bribable mayor (Jeremy Renner) of Camden, N.
However, despite the weapons shortage, Khaled says the FSA is sometimes able to acquire advanced armaments from the regular Syrian army courtesy of sympathetic or bribable officers.
Mickovski claims that the government in Macedonia is sly because with its populism it directly stimulates the poverty of citizens, who easily become bribable.
Before we bury the bodies of Two Thousand and Nine and refocus our Twenty-Ten priorities on the pros and con jobs of the Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet, the Urban Meyer Left-Arm Tingle Watch and the Terrelle Pryor for Heisman Campaign, is there a bribable legislator from this House of Reps Subcommittee that just approved pushing debate on the College Football Playoff Act who might be able to launch a reasonable investigation into how all the good bowl games have disappeared from our New Year's Day grazing pasture?
These people - the Likudniks- along with the bribable Congress, are bad for the health of Americans.