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old French breed of large strong usually black dogs having a long tail and long wavy and slightly stiff coat

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Briard also discussed Knauf's own products, including the firm's Ecosse technology - the first glass wool insulation product to be made which replaced harmful Formaldehyde binders with a greener product made from plant starch.
The family's three briard show dogs were also in the van and Michelle had to smash a window to rescue them.
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Norman, a Briard from Canton, Georgia, has had a passion for wheels ever since he was a puppy, according to his owner.
Georges Briard, one of the country's finest designers, came up with the Heritage dinnerware line.
54) While the document is not as detailed as one would hope, it is certainly possible that Briard gave them lands that also included a grange building.
Dany Briard, director of Information Technology for the Cascade Tissue Division, sums up the company's experience by saying, "Ultra-thin client computers improve company productivity and efficiency as users can pull a Tadpole device off a storage shelf, enter their identification card and connect to the company network instantly.
She lost Cousteau, her own nine-year-old Briard (and a beloved companion and therapy dog), to a quick battle with cancer.
We all have the same interests," EPP shadow rapporteur Sophie Briard Auconie told Europolitics.
Belle - a pedigree Briard - looks the picture of health with new owner Olivia Andringa, 11.
But the reputation of the mineral springs was greatly enhanced in 1773 when a French farmer, Monsieur Briard, discovered that the mineral waters from the springs were also good for the outside of the body as well as the inside.
It was a rare but successful directorial outing for Weihrauch, a lawyer, theater lover, and, appropriately enough, a dog lover who had been president of the Briard Club of America.
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The important thing is that her husband and their two Briard dogs, Dudley and Nikki, are fine, she said.
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