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a combination brewery and restaurant

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10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Chatty Monks Brewing Company is West Reading's fast-growing craft brewery-and this brewpub, which opened its doors in June 2014, is already preparing for expansion.
The acquisition includes the company's 4 Seattle brewpubs, Elysian Capitol Hill, Elysian Tangletown, Elysian Fields and Elysian BAR.
Now, brewpubs can distribute their beer using third-party distributors, and they can sell limited amounts of their own beer directly to retailers.
Wholesalers still oppose allowing one company to own both a microbrewery and a brewpub, and also oppose efforts by retailers to allow use of glasses and coasters with beer logos.
This index was developed to create an organized and search-able resource exclusively for microbreweries and brewpubs.
Call it your second dining room, your other office or your true home, this brewpub has become second nature to thousands of Bellinghamsters.
As of January 1998, there were 35 regional specialty breweries, 399 microbrewenes and 845 brewpubs in the United States for a total of 1,279.
Railway Brewing Company of Anchorage, the only brewpub in America operating in an active train depot, had the winning combination when Nightclub and Bar Magazine was looking for the best-of-the-best in breweries: Exceptional beer and a unique backdrop.
Brewpubs, bars that serve beer made on the premises, have been a growing phenomenon elsewhere in the country but have been slow to get out of the keg in Georgia.
The investment by Fireman Capital also includes five high-volume brewpubs and restaurants in Salt Lake and Park City.
The bills represent the largest overhaul of the industry in Texas since the Legislature legalized brewpubs in 1993.
SB 518 would allow small brewpubs to sell their beer to customers on their premises and sets tasting room hours of operation.
The 2009 California Beer Report and Forecast details market dynamics for microbreweries and brewpubs.
Louis brewpubs, Anheuser-Busch InBev (A-B InBev) and local brewery O'Fallon's banded together to host the third annual St.