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a combination brewery and restaurant

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We contacted Paul Gatza, director of the Institute for Brewing Studies, the source of our data for the listing of the top brewpubs.
in Ardmore, PA, a brewpub that the owners consider a "brewcafe" with culinary offerings closer to a Belgo-French cafe rather than a pub.
The typical brewpub generally produces somewhere in the range of 1,000 barrels per year.
Pizza Port Carlsbad, Carlsbad, CA, was chosen as the Large Brewpub of the Year, with their Pizza Port Brew Guys recognized as Large Brewpub brewers of the year.
Hops remains the largest brewpub group in number of stores, and despite a slight decline in beer sales, the Brew Brothers/Eldorado Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, was the highest-selling single-site brewpub in the U.
the first licensed brewpub in the state of Georgia (The late Michael Jackson sampled his beers there, and judged them among Atlanta's best).
Under Illinois law there is now a difference between being a "craft brewer" and being a brewpub .
Owners Barbara Thomas asked her husband Tom Peters and Fergus Cary, co-owners of the well-loved brewhall Monks Cafe, to advise her on the project, and they've developed a 120-seat dining brewpub with three house brewed and one local guest brew on tap.
Two trends Hall notes are more brewpub chains and an increased emphasis on food.
Ed Stebbins is co-founder and brewer for Gritty McDuff's, a Portland, ME-based brewpub chain.
What's more, of all the beer that flowed from brewpubs last year, fully 20% (141,821 barrels) gushed from the top 10 brewpub groups (see sidebar).
She got a job as an apprentice at a brewpub in Washington, DC and later went to Germany for two years to the highly regarded brewing school Doemens Fachakademie in Munich, earning the title "Master Brewer," and today is a head brewer for brewpub chain Brew Moon.
The company, which was founded in 1991, now operates a brewpub and a brewpub/packaging brewery.
The brewpub biz is still growing, even if the long-predicted shake-out seems to have started.