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a combination brewery and restaurant

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We, however, want to create a unique and inviting environment to take the brewpub experience to a new level.
The acquisition includes the company's 4 Seattle brewpubs, Elysian Capitol Hill, Elysian Tangletown, Elysian Fields and Elysian BAR.
The Prices' personal story, as well as their professional one, began at a brewpub.
Rick Engel, the co-founder of Uncle Billy's, opened Texas' first brewpub in Houston in 1993, the first year brewpubs were made legal since Prohibition.
The Brewpub is going strong and is firmly part of Indiana's burgeoning craft beer industry.
HB 4710 would allow brewpubs to have an interest in five other brewpubs if the combined production doesn't exceed 18,000 barrels of beer per year.
Brewpub operators need to consider the geographic location and consumer demographics of each establishment when determining what type of food to include on the menu.
Whether there will still be a Kate the Great Day at the brewpub is still not entirely clear.
Instead, spooks and spies must make do with the International Spy Museum, a techno-slick for-profit enterprise that opened a few years ago among Washington's downtown tourist warrens, right between a high-class hotel and a brewpub.
The brewpub share of the craft-brewing category increased by 25 percent.
Railway Brewing Company of Anchorage, the only brewpub in America operating in an active train depot, had the winning combination when Nightclub and Bar Magazine was looking for the best-of-the-best in breweries: Exceptional beer and a unique backdrop.
Gone in a flash: Closed after much-too-brief attempts to please the public are Cafe California, 28700 Roadside Drive, Agoura, and Doc's Brewpub & Restaurant, 1424 Madera Road, Simi Valley.
Investment Supports Continued Expansion of Squatters and Wasatch Award-Winning Beer Portfolio and Distribution Footprint and Growth of Highly Complementary Brewpub Business
Lou Pektor, the developer behind historic renovations together with the Main Street Commons building and Union Station, got a stamp of authorization by planners to bring a Mexican brewpub and restaurant to a vacant parking lot in south Bethlehem.