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Synonyms for brewer

someone who brews beer or ale from malt and hops and water


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the owner or manager of a brewery

References in classic literature ?
Brewer, pale with excitement, gazed intently into the distorted face.
Brewer, who had observed them at the same moment, was leaning forward in an attitude of rapt attention, horribly pale.
She enlarged with special appreciation on the kindness and condescension of a large brewer, a Baronet and an M.
It was only before the Secretary of the great brewer M.
Boots and Brewer, thinking him indisposed, whisper, 'Man faint.
Revived by soup, Twemlow discourses mildly of the Court Circular with Boots and Brewer.
Boots and Brewer regard this as a man to be cultivated; and Veneering is clear that he is a renumerative article.
Lastly, the looking-glass reflects Boots and Brewer, and two other stuffed Buffers interposed between the rest of the company and possible accidents.
If he does not, some one else will; and the saloon-keeper, unless he is also an alderman, is apt to be in debt to the big brewers, and on the verge of being sold out.
But outside the door was a sign which called it the Blue Dragon; and under the sign was one of those long rustic tables that used to stand outside most of the free English inns, before teetotallers and brewers between them destroyed freedom.
The overwhelming growth and success that many of the commonwealth's brewers have experienced can be attributed to one partner in particular -- the brewer's distributor.
That setting, however, is exactly where Sam's Club President and CEO Rosalind Brewer got her start.
The body of violin teacher Frances Andrade, 48, was found at her home less than a week after she gave evidence against Michael Brewer, 68, from Birmingham.
Christian Muller, master brewer at NBL said the apprentices received training over the past three years and were mentored by NBL's senior brewers.
In the South, we're attracted to the grotesque and outrageous, I think," Tennessee-based Brewer says.